Sonnet 1 35 75 Essay Research Paper

Sonnet 1, 35, 75 Essay, Research Paper

Sonnet 1, 35, & 75

Many of Spencer s are based the subject of love. The poet Spencer has written many poems on love but his contain a different twist. His poems are about love but in the end some weird twist of fate happens were it doesn’t work out. There is always something that goes on where the girl doesn t like him it just wasn t meant to be.

In Sonnet one he says that he is like a book and that the pages get happy when they are held by the soft lily hands of a woman. This shows that there is a love interest in his life but his is still getting rejected. The is noticed because in line two it is said that she is killing him. At the end of the poem it seems that the narrator lost his love and that he has died. He was also arrogant man in this poem.

In Sonnet 35 the speaker of the poem has a great fascination with the woman who is the subject of the poem. In line seven the speaker talks about how his eyes are amazed with is good looks. This shows that he is a very vain and arrogant man. The end of the poem is weird because he says (line 11 – 12) that he cannot bare to look at himself any more.

Sonnet 75 starts off with the speaker writing a name in the sand and it keeps on getting washed away by the water (line 1 – 4). This show that he is getting rejected by a woman again and again. In the next line he quotes the woman as calling him a vain man and she says that he is too persistent. In the end of the poem the reader gets the felling that he has gotten over this women. He says that his name is washed away from the beach also but that he wont let that happen and that he has a plan to get over the women.

In conclusion his poems are very deep and deal with a lot of emotional pain. All three of the poems contain the same type of format. They are all about some guy that cannot get with the girl that he loves a lot. He is also a very arrogant man in each of the poems. It is hard to tell if he is writing about personal experiences because his poems are very passionate. If these are personal experiences then the poet Spencer has had a very troubled love life. In conclusion these poems are about a man who cannot be with a women that he loves.


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