Martin Luther King And Malcom Essay Research

Martin Luther King And Malcom Essay, Research Paper

MLK and the X

During the 1950 s and 1960 s major changes were taking place for black Americans across the United States. Riots, mass demonstrations, Civil Right s laws, voting laws and an end to segregation, were seeking to improve the quality of life for blacks in both the industrial north and the deeply segregated south. After 350 years it seemed that the blacks and whites would, if not willing, be force to live in peace with each other. Through the help of great organizers such as Martin Luther King Jr., non-violent protest paved the way for equal human rights for blacks in America by creating a tension within the south. However, this was not without opposition from both the black community and the white community

Martin Luther King s tactics were of non-violence, love, and compassion towards his oppressors. Like Rosa Parks and the men of Greensboro, Georgia, the non-violent protest always got immediate attention and reaction. His non-violent tactic had great support throughout the south. Thousands of Black and whites took part in non-violent protests in the south during the 50 s and 60 s. One of the most widely notable was the march on Birmingham, Alabama in April 1963. From Letter from a Birmingham Jail, we can see the opposition expressed by his white fellow clergymen.

From reading the letter Martin Luther King sent to his fellow clergymen we can get a sense of the reasons MLK faced resistance to his non-violent conduct. The clergymen of Alabama thought that MLK had no right to be in Birmingham when he was from Atlanta and expressed lament about the demonstration. Moreover, they believed the negotiation is better than direct action. The act of willingly braking one law while being obedient to others also confused them. They also accused MLK of being an extremist and praised the Birmingham police of keeping order at the protest. In MLK s letter he addressed their laments with great rhetoric and plain logic. MLK s letter left the reader with a feeling the he truly believed in what he was doing and had ample reasons for feeling and reacting the way in which he did to the segregated south.

Martin Luther King faced great hostility from other black leaders. Malcolm X after the march on Washington accused MLK of being a sell out. This was because he cooperated with the President Kennedy and others on Capitol Hill. Malcolm X believed the black revolution should arm people and make the blacks radical. He saw the take over of the movement by JFK and MLK and their non-violent actions as turning the Black Revolution soft. Malcolm X said on Harlem in late 1964 said, when you stay radical long enough and get enough people to be like you, you ll get your freedom. This quote shows the contrast between MLK and Martin Luther King tactics with dealing with oppression.

I believe that without King s ministry the blacks would not have been able to advance at such the quick rate that they did. During the 50 s and 60 s the nonviolent demonstrations lead by King and others got direct action and lead to negotiations. However, they many violent uprisings in the northern and southern cities say little progress as a result. This is like the bully in the schoolyard, the more you let the bully know that he upsets you, the more he bullies you. But, once you show that you are stronger willed he starts to leave you alone.


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