Argentina Essay Research Paper Argentina a country

Argentina Essay, Research Paper

Argentina a country that occupies most of the southern portion of South America.

Argentina has a some what triangular shape. The length of Argentina is about 2070 miles

north to south and from east to west it is about 860 miles.

Argentina has some different types of land forms like mountians, upland areas, and

plains. On the west side there is the Andes which form a natural boundary between

Argentina and Chile. The highest peak in the Andes is Acocagua (6959m/22,831 ft). To

the east the land is almost all plains. The Pampas, tree less plains, produce the most

agriculture in the country. In the middle and the south is mostly arid desolate steppes.

In Argentina there is a wide variety of climate in different areas like hot some

places and cold in others. Of course it is cold up in the Andes. They have a lot of rainfall

to. In the north they get more than 152 cm a year and in the south and west it is semiarid.

Argentina has Most its wealth in The Pampa. Growing grain and grazing cattle.

The most important thing on the rise is Argentines offshore deposits of petroleum and

natural gas. They have consumed many importance?s in this decade.

Argentina is made up of mostly European origin they fall around 85%. Argentina

not like most Latin American countries has relatively few Mesitzos( persons of mixed

European and Native American ancestry), although their number has increased recently.

Spanish and Italian immigrants have dominated the countries population. Most people

live around Buenos Aries and 85% of people live in urban areas. In 1993 the estimated

population of Argentina was 33,533,256. The overall population density was about 12

persons per square km 31 people per square mile.

Argentina?s official language is Spanish but Italian and Native American languages

are spoken as well. The Roman Catholic Religion makes up more than 92% of Argentines

Religion society. By law the president and vice-president must be Roman Catholic.

Argentina is a country with a rich Spanish heritage and it is strongly influenced since the

19th century by European and Italian immigration.

Education is free in Argentina and does not have to be paid for. The music there is

mostly folklore and folkdance. The Argentine economy is primarily based on the

production of agricultural products. They are the worlds largest grain and cattle

producing regions.

This is Argentina at a glance there ia a lot more information about Argentina that

has no been explored yet. Argentina is a very big country and has many things to come to

it yet .


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