Using Application Software Essay Research Paper Using

Using Application Software Essay, Research Paper

Using Application Software

Report into possible application package solutions

A request by A.T. Press, to investigate the changes in their current ordering system has induced me to present to you this report.

This report will feature a comparison on how the requirements of the problem can be met with the facilities of a variety of types of application software packages. It will also feature a suitable type of application software package to provide a solution to the problem. Furthermore it will contain an application package to use to solve the problem.

A.T. Press currently use a pen and paper system to record all business. The purpose of the new system will make keeping track of customers and their main interests faster and easier so that you can send letters to certain selected customers informing them of exhibitions, special offers etc.

A requirement which is necessary is to be able to create reports, letters, signs etc. The user will be able to input using many facilities for example using the keyboard to input data, using a scanner inputting from a disk to transfer files etc.

A necessary output is to be able to print the files you have created or transfer them. This can be done by using a printer to print the files and a disk to be able to transfer the files. Other outputting facilities that can be used are zip drives, hard disk, CD rewriter etc.

Storage methods are needed to save the work produced, this can be done in many different ways for example floppy disk, hard disk drive, re-writable CD, zip drives, tape etc.

The company will have many processing activities to carry out for example searching for a clients name, typing a report etc. this can be done with software facilities .

The time scale of solving this problem could take a minimum of two days. The costs will be dependent on the time and labour. The constraints of this will be the time, costs and training for employees to uses the new system

A suitable type software package is one with a suitable input and output interfaces many of today?s software come with this feature. They also provide suitable storage and processing facilities. For example in business the use of spreadsheets, databases, word processors and DTP packages are needed. Games production and music production will be used by the games industry.

A suitable package for this company will be MS office.

Here is an explanation on the different types of software.

There are seven main types of software:

· Applications software

· Operating Systems

· Utilities

· User Interface Software

· Program Generators

· Database management systems

Applications Software

Applications software provides users with the facility to process information into it?s computer equivalent; data.

Generic applications software take up a large proportion of the applications market, and so are sold in packages, grouping the features together.

Generic applications packages include:

· Word Processors : Word Perfect, MS Word, Lotus Word Pro, Lotus Ami Pro, MS Works and Windows Write

· Spreadsheets – MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, MS Works, Lotus Ami Pro and Spread v1.5

· Cad – CAD, Turbo CAD, Super CAD, Auto CAD, CAD v.1.5 and Auto Sketch

· Graphics – MS Publisher, Corel Ventura 8, GST Presswork?s, Corel Draw, MS Paint and Publisher v1.5

These applications, for the sake of simplicity and cost for home users can be bought in groups such as Lotus Smart Suite and Microsoft Office.

Operating Systems

An operating system is a mandatory component of the software collection of a computer.

Before modern OS?s like DOS were released a computer relied on a awkward interface using complex syntax?s.

In technology terms DOS and it?s counterparts were major leaps forward in the Operating system market.

It is this program that controls all the basic functions of the computer. The main tasks of an operating system are:

· Scheduling and loading jobs so that the machine does not stand idle.

· Handling file allocation

· Controlling disks and I/O (input/output) activity

· Overcoming and reporting malfunction

· Supervising external data communication (i.e. outside data sources)

· communication and informing the human operator of the actions of the machine

· Common examples of operating systems include DOS, Mac OS, and RISC OS. (N.B. Windows is not an operating system, it is mainly a complex GUI system that runs over DOS.

Some operating systems including Mac OS and RISC OS allow for second (PC based) processors to be added using DOS.


Are used to carry out maintenance tasks. This used to be done in the operating system which was not always a good thing because the user needed a working knowledge of the Operating System. Rather than having to instruct the computer in the operating system language, a pull-down menu system gives the user the options available to perform the maintenance tasks necessary. Examples include:

· Error checking, Back-up making and defragmentation programs.

Utilities software is software in it?s own right but is usually referred to as a component of a computer system in that they support the running of applications software.

User Interface software

DOS was a major development in OS technology, but still demanded a working knowledge of a command line. With this need in mind companies like Microsoft developed user interface software with Graphical User Interfaces that used a WIMP (Windows Icons Menus and Pointer). It allowed users to launch programs via graphical icons and pull down menus. Which makes using a computer much more simple than using DOS.

· Examples include RISC OS and Microsoft Windows 98.

· GUIs incorporate a user friendly interface to the user

· If it isn?t simple enough already GUIs can demonstrate their features to the user as a demonstration or learning exercise.

· Fills in the un-user friendly features of DOS and other command line systems.

Program generators

· Also known as application generators are themselves 4th generation programs.

· Their main aim is to aid un-trained users in the application development process.

· The user describes the requirements and the generator does the rest

· The most popular use of program generators is Report Program Generators, where the user defines the format and the file structure description. The RPG then builds a program to read the file, extracts the preset information and formats is as required.

· The most common example of an RPG is RPG II.

· Program Languages ? C++, Turbo Pascal, Borland Pascal, Borland C, Delphi and BASIC

Database Management systems

· Also known as DBMS

· A DBMS builds, handles, and allows access to structured data in databases.

· It protects the user from the demanding physical storage medium handling and the problems of data item addressing in the database.

· A DBMS presents the user with the following facilities:

1. Accept the schema which defines the logical view of the database.

2. Reorder a database running under the DBMS, for optimal operation.

3. Identify any associations and cross-references that exist between data elements.

4. Allow new information to be entered into an old database.

5. Make changes to information stored in a database, or delete it.

6. Interrogate a database.

7. Maintain the data dictionary

8. Accept new procedures to process data in a database.

9. Communicate with the user.

· Databases ? MS Access, MS Works, Database v1.5, DB v.1.0, Lotus and Data

The cost of setting up the system A.T. Press will be fifteen hundred pounds. It will be developed within one week. Setting up the solution will be fairly easy. How your requirements are met will be dependent on how you use the system. The ease of use will be dependent on your trainning.


Advance i.t


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