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Learning Portrait Essay, Research Paper

Learning Portrait Essay

This learning portrait essay will reflect on my prior learning experiences and the tools that I employ to receive the most out of every experience. I will show how my current learning has shaped my interest, capabilities, values, and past learning experiences. I will use six inventories to shape my paper.

1. information gathering

2. observation

3. critical analysis, evaluation, and interpretation

4. quantitative reasoning & representation of numerical data

5. communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing

6. memory and visualization

Information gathering is very important in the learning process. The places I gather information include electronic databases, Internet resources, textbooks, libraries, and news (newspaper, journals, and TV). I use reading skills, observation skills, reasoning skills, and listening skills to create a learning experience. The most important part of gathering information is knowing where to look. I have been participating in hospital based research for four years now and have established the information gathering skills listed above.

Observation is one of my strong points. Some of my observation skills are to look, listen, touch, smell, taste, and the mood of any situation. Once an observation has been made it is very important to reflect on that observation. I must decide if what I perceived is what really happened. If an experience takes place with another observer present it is important to clarify what the other person observed. This insures that the

event will be interpreted as accurately as possible. The only flaw with an observation made by only one observer is a different observer may come to a different conclusion.

Critical analysis, evaluation, and interpretation are key factors in developing what has been observed. Critical analysis and evaluation of the information that has been gathered is a primary concern. The source of the information must be reputable. More sources with the same information the better. Physical proof is the easiest to interpret. Further investigation may be needed to come to the best conclusion. Life experience is key factor in how I analyze, evaluate, and interpret the information or experience that I have had.

Quantitative reasoning & representation of numerical data is more difficult to determine for me. I understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra charts and graphs, and formulas. I am slower in figuring quantitative problem solving and statistical data. I can determine what I am solving for but run into a problem figuring out the total equation. I usually spend more time analyzing the problem to determine an answer.

Communication skills are paramount when trying to describe the information that was learned. The skills in communication are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Listen and focus on what a person is saying. Eye contact is very important in my understanding what is said. When speaking make eye contact with everyone. Do not speak in a monotone voice. Have pictures or props if possible for better understanding. Reading is very important in information gathering. I am a very effective reader if it is quiet so that I can be focused. I am able to determine the important facts and the meaning of what I am reading. My writing has improved a great deal. I definitely use different words when speaking and when I write. I choose how technical I can be by the audience I am writing or speaking for.

Memory and Visualization only improve with more exposure to different stimulus. The more I read or are exposed to different experiences the more memory and visualization I gain. Repetition is also helpful in establishing memory. More is remembered with greater exposure to an event or a reading. This helps me to describe what I have read or seen. It is the key to learning.

I use all these traits in my everyday life. I teach many inservices and classes at my job. I have to teach professional and non-professional staff and families in the hospital setting. My communication skills and information gathering skills are very effective. Most of my learning skills I have developed in my college years. If I have a goal to achieve I am driven to perform. I was not challenged in high school and I did not apply myself with regards to my studies. I found college more challenging and my interest in learning increased. Formal and experiential learning are very important. Formal schooling helps me to understand and function in my profession. Experiential learning good and bad help to shape how different situations are perceived and experiencing what has been learned helps to reinforce my memory. I have a purpose for my learning now. Learning will help me to achieve my goals that I have set for myself.


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