Mozart Essay Research Paper Mozart Wolfgang AmadeusMozart

Mozart Essay, Research Paper

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Mozart was born in January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. His Christian name was

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. His father Leopold Mozart

educated him and was a violinist, author, and composer. He began composing minuets at

the age of five. When Mozart was six, he was successful at the clavier, violin, and organ.

Mozart started composing symphonies at nine years of age. In 1762 his father brought him

to many concerts through Europe. Europeans ignored Mozart when he was 21 in his

search for more spirited and pleasing career. He traveled to Mannheim, then he went to

the musical center of Europe, because of its famous orchestra and fell in love with Aloysia

Weber. His father promptly told his son and wife to come to Paris. His mother died in

Paris, on July 1778. he was rejected by Weber and the neglect from his girlfriends made

Mozart’s trip in Paris the most miserable moments in his life. The success of Mozart’s

opera, “Idomeneo re di Creta,” influenced the archbishop of Salzburg to invite Mozart to

his palace at Vienna. His exploitation to the people of the court forced Mozart to leave !

In 1782 Mozart married Constanze Weber, Aloysia’s sister. Poverty and illness

endangered the family until Mozart’s death. While Mozart was working on the “Magic

Flute” in 1791 an emissary requested a requiem mass written by Mozart but he never got

to finish this because he died. He supposedly died of typhoid fever, in Vienna on

December 5, 1791. His funeral was attended by a few friends. Mozart died young and

had an unsuccessful career, but he ranks as one of the greatest composer of all time. With

more than six hundred works it shows that even as a child he had a feel of the resources of

musical composition as well as an original imagination. His instrumental works include

symphonies, divertimentos, sonatas, chamber music for a number of instrumental

combination, and concertos; his vocal works consist mainly of church music and operas.

He almost thought a complete work before writing it on paper. Today he is known for his

most famous pieces Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Magic Flute, and Don Giovanni.

He Is the most important composer of the classical era, and one of the most inspirational

composer in western musical tradition.


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