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Child Discipline of Psychology

I chose to do my research on the discipline of child psychology because it is very interesting to me and I would really like to learn more about how parents should go about disciplining a child.

My first research was from the ?Canadian Health Network?, Health Information You Can Trust. It is an article/journal on Child Psychology. Positive discipline will help your child become a healthy, caring, responsible adult. It takes and effort, but it is well worth it. Positive discipline is about teaching and guiding your child. ?It helps if you start setting the rules at an early age,? says the Canadian Health Network. Personally, I think that if you discipline your child to do as I say, not as I do, it would really help the child. There are a lot of parents out there that tell their kids not to drink and do drugs, but when the child comes homes, that is all the childs sees. How can you tell a child don?t do this or that if you are doing the same thing? Parents are the childs number one role model and that?s who the child looks up to. So if the child sees mommy and daddy doing it, then it must be okay. That is how children think. I think a lot of parents? wait until the child is a teenager to try and teach the child right from wrong. People say that when a child is one or two years old, that the child doesn?t know right from wrong because they are babies. Wrong, children know and they have an instinct on certain things. ?You should be a good example to your child no matter how old they are, if you start from the beginning, you will have less problems in the end,? says the Canadian Health Network. Another topic in these articles and journals is how you praise your child. It really upsets me when I?m in a store and a child is acting up and to get the child to shut up, the parent buys that child a toy or something. That is just so annoying to me. My motto is, ?Don?t start nothing you can?t finish!? If you are constantly buying a child things everytime he or she is acting up, then that child will constantly act up on purpose because they know that it will get them what they want. I don?t think that people should praise their child when they mess up. Believe it or not, children know how to use their parents. Take that example for instance, the child wants a toy so he or she is going to act up just to get it because they know they can get something everytime they act up. Children are very smart and are very manipulative. Just because a child cries, doesn?t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with that child. Sometimes children just do it for attention. The best way to deal with a child who misbehaves and throw tantrums is to just ignore them. The child wants some attention and wants to be paid attention to. Eventually the child will stop if he or she notices that you aren?t paying attention to them.

My second research is on ?Disciplining Your Child? by David A. Ansel, MD, FAAP. ?Disciplining is one of the most difficult and important jobs facing any parent,? says Annsel. I think that it is important to keep in mind a goal when disciplining your child, and it is not simply to control behavior but rather to teach them over the long run. If you teach your child now, then that child will know exactly what to do and how to act in the real world. How they act in the parents? house and how they act in the real world is ver different. ?The successful parent-disciplinarian does not need to discipline very much because their child does in him or herself. This is because the child has internalized rules and has made them his or her own,? says Ansel. I think that rules need to be reasonable. They should allow an adequate range of freedom. They can?t be too restrictive. Learning how to make your own choices is as important as learning to enforce you own internal rules growing up. As the old saying is that you should give them just enough rope to hang themselves. If you are constantly on the childs back and constantly telling them what to do, then when they go into the world by themselves, they wont know what to do because they never had the chance to make their own decisions. Parents shouldn?t control how the child dresses or does their hair. ?Parents should respect a childs own individuality and autonomy.? Says Ansel. Which I agree with because children should be able to establish their own style. They know what clothes they like and they may not agree to the style that you like, which is usually the case. Back in the day when our parents were growing up, they wouldn?t be caught wearing what we wear now because they didn?t have the styles we have now so they would feel very strange wearing what we wear as we would wearing their clothes. Ansel also talked about the parents? attitude. Ansel says,?Another key to successful disciplining as a parent is to remember not to get mad. This goes right along with the idea that rules are bigger than the both of you, you are just doing your job when you enforce them.? It said that parents should learn how to keep their cool when punishing a child because it could go from punishment to personal.

The third research I did was an article on ?Child and Adolescents? by Dr. Tony Roberts. However, occasionally, the child will test you. A child tests you to see how far they get before you punish them or do something. You should issue them warnings. But don?t give them warnings if you are going to be like a broken record. You shouldn?t keep saying,? this is warning number one, this is warning number two, if you keep it up I?m going to do this, okay you have one more time.? You should give them three warnings and after that punish them. ?It is very important that when you warn, you mean it, and that you only warn and not threaten,? says Dr. Paula. He also talks about punishments. Personally I think that all kids should be punished different. You can?t punish all kids the same. You have some kids that will keep doing the same is constantly and then there are some who learn not to do it again after the first or second time. Some parents say that spanking is abuse. I disagree to that. Abuse is when you hurt someone so bad that they are bleeding or you see bruises. I hear some parents say that they will never hit their child. Just because you pop or hit a child doesn?t mean that its abuse. A pop on the hand or leg is not abuse but a form of scolding. The kids that are growing up in this society need a spanking. If it means pulling your childs pants down when he or she does something wrong to keep he or she from growing up and thinking that it?s right, then do what it takes. A lot of parents don?t discipline their child and that?s why we have these young kids out here killing and hurting people because they don?t know any better. Dr. Paula also talks about restricting privileges and taking things away. It really annoys me when a parent makes a child go to his or her room as a punishment and all the childs toys and everything recreational are in the room. ?Take away the childs most important thing to him/her,? says Dr. Roberts. If you know that the child is in love with the television or phone then take that away. Don?t take their basketball or something that really doesn?t mean anything. The worst punishment I think you could give a child is to make them stay in the house. If you take a childs television or phone away but they are still allowed to go outside, they will just go to their friends? house and talk or watch television. If you keep them in the house, they feel secluded and no one can help them.

In conclusion, my research was about the do?s and don?t on disciplining your child. The three resources that I found seem to be helpful and I agreed with a lot of it. It also made me understand more and will help me in the long run when I decide to have kids. I hoped you enjoyed.


?Disciplining Your Child?, (article/journal) by David A. Ansel, MD, FAAP, copyright 1994,1998.

?Child and Adolescents?, by Dr. Tony Roberts, MB Bchir, MRC Psych, copyright, 1998. Consultant Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist Rockingham Forest NHS Trust, UK.

?Health Information You Can Trust?, (article) by Canadian Health Network, copyright 1996.


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