Disciplining Your Child Essay Research Paper Disciplining

Disciplining Your Child Essay, Research Paper

Disciplining your child can be rough on the child but mostly on you. Disciplining your child is a hard thing to do when it comes around. The main thing parents worry about is when should I discipline, how should I discipline, and what are some things I can do instead of disciplining. But disciplining is not all that bad if you now the basic steps.

The first step is, when should I discipline? Here is a scene that most parents recognize, you are walking through the supermarket with your child and all of the sudden your child sees the chocolate, crispity, peanut buttery candy your child saw on the television. And all of the sudden the child screams out mommy, mommy, mommy buy me this, and in the mean time your trying to be a good parent and say, “It will rot his teeth” But on the other hand people are starring, and you just want the kid to be quite. Oh, what is a parent to do? Some parents still think the answer is no, a child should not be rewarded for throwing a temper tantrum. But other parents give in to the fight saying, “I don’t have the time to fool around in this store I have things to do. The best thing to do is finish your grocery shopping and get home and then discipline you child.

The second step is, how to discipline your child. The most well known step is the word “no”. This is the first thing parents must teach their children. No is the base for all other teachings. Another is the “time out” strategy. Time outs are another commonly used strategy, it teaches the child that he or she is in trouble, and is to let the child think about what he or she has done so they are not to do it again. The other more brutal strategy that is similar to that is the spanking. The spanking is also very affective in teaching the child not to do the thing that has caused the spanking again. But now days the spanking is becoming extinct. More and more parents want to reason with their children instead of resorting to violence. One of the most important is to Teach your children right from wrong. This is the most important, if a child has no concept of right from wrong he or she will get into an enormous amount of trouble. This will also help the child with his academic career and self-esteem.

The third step is, steps and things I can do to improve my relationship with my children. The first step is to Be a loving supportive parent, this will build the relationship with your child. The next is to use positive reinforcement strategies to increase desired behavior, this will push the child to behave the proper way. Whenever appropriate, provide children with chance to make choices, this will help learn to decide what is best for him in some cases. Frequently praise desired behavior. And ignore trivial misdeeds, this teach the child that good things get noticed more than not so good things. And be a model of orderly, predictable behavior and respectful communication. This will help teach the child that it is ok to talk to you.

Some steps on how to improve your relationship are, listen to your child and help solve his problems verbally instead of physically, provide a special time you and your children to talk and learn about each other, be a parent, not a friend, when disciplining be firm, consistent, and early, control the electronics, know where your child is, and don’t get to overzealous with your child’s self-esteem.

This report was basically to help parents learn the fundamentals of discipline and parenting. It states the ways to discipline your child, when to discipline your child, and what things you can do to improve your relationship with your child. Overall this was a guide to parenting.


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