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Great Expectations Essay, Research Paper

Great Expectations

What are your expectations in life? Are yours similar to anyone else? In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens the main character Pip has many expectations. By reading this book I have found that Pip and I have many similar and different expectations in life. I will show our similarities/differences on the subjects of education, family, and religious life.

When it comes to the topic of education, Pip and I have many similarities and differences. Pip had a great desire to learn. He attended Biddy s school where she taught him to read and write. Matthew Pocket also helped him with his education. I can relate to these because I too have a desire to learn. I attend Padua Franciscan High School where I learn Catholic Values and many other things. These things are similar to Pip s expectations.

I can also relate to Pip on the subject of family. But there are many differences included in this topic also. Pip s parents died when he was young. So he had to live with his sister (Mrs. Joe) and her husband Mr. Joe Gargery. Even though he lived with his sister, Pip seemed to love Joe more like a father than a brother-in-law. I have many differences because my parents are still living. I live with my mother and father and my little brother. I love them all, not anyone more than the others. These are all different from Pip s expectations.

When it comes to religion, Pip and I have many similarities. Pip prays to God and I assume he is catholic. He has lost a close friend, Magwich, whose real name is Provis. And he reads the bible is a part of his daily life. I also pray to God and God alone. I have had a close family member pass away (my grandfather) and I also study the bible when I can. Our religious lifestyles are very similar.

In this essay I have shown how Pip and I have similar expectations on the subjects of education, family, and religion. Is there someone that you know that has similar expectations to you?


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