Hamlet Essay Research Paper There are many

Hamlet Essay, Research Paper

There are many reasons why one would think that Queen Gertrude is clueless about the murder of King Hamlet, yet others think she was involved in the murder. People have their own opinions on this but I believe that Queen Gertrude had an idea about the murder. There are many reasons and facts contributing to my opinion on this. I will try my best to persuade you to believe that Gertrude was in fact involved in King Hamlet s murder. I think King Claudius talked Gertrude into the murder. The way in which she acts in the play makes it seem like she knew about the murder but got talked into it. In act two scene two, Gertrude says to King Claudius, I doubt it is no other but the main, his father s death and our o er-hasty marriage (line 59). That quote seems like Gertrude agrees with Hamlet that Claudius and her got married to quickly and that it was a mistake. I think she realizes what she has done. Another reason that I think she was talked into the murder is because she does not agree with anything that King Claudius does. Claudius does not want Hamlet and Ophelia to be together. In act five scene one, Gertrude admits to her wanting Hamlet and Ophelia together when she says. Sweets to the sweet. Farewell. I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet s wife. I thought the bride-bed to have decked, sweet maid, and not have strewed thy grave (line 231). In the movie when she says that it seems like Claudius got a little mad. In act three scene four, Hamlet kills Polonius. The Queen says, Oh what a rash and bloody deed is this (line 31) which means what an impetuous and murderous deed that is. Then Hamlet compares that to killing a king. Therefore, Hamlet is also suspecting her as being a part of his father s death. Even though Hamlet seems to be going mad, he has a perfectly good reason to think that Gertrude had something to do with King Hamlet s murder. Claudius could also have played mind games with Gertrude and talked her into marrying him after Hamlet was killed just so he could be king.

Therefore, There are many reasons to believe that Queen Gertrude was talked into the murder of King Hamlet and to marry Claudius. Again, many people have their own opinion and view the play, Hamlet, in many different perspectives. I believe that Queen Gertrude did in fact know about the murder.


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