Abortion In Society Essay Research Paper We

Abortion In Society Essay, Research Paper

We live in a nation built on the idea of freedom, freedom of choice and freedom

of expression, yet we are not free. Abortion is an ever-present choice that every woman

should and does have, not based on ones financial situation, cultural background or even

age; it?s a choice that every woman has the right to. There are too many children being

abandoned and given up for adoption every day and there should be some responsibility

for ones actions, the children should not have to suffer for their parent?s faults. An

abortion is a right as an individual, the right to decide what happens with ones body and

the freedom to chose their own future.

Abortion is a woman?s right and choice. In 1973 Roe vs. Wade was a landmark

trail, which led to the legalization in all states for a woman to have an abortion. It is also

the woman?s right to privacy with this abortion, because without legal abortion women

would be denied their constitutional right of privacy and liberty. If abortion were illegal

it would force poor women to bear and raise children they can’t afford to bring up. There

would be a number of unsafe abortions in back allies, causing harm to both the baby and

the mother. It would also force women to give up their dreams and stay home to bring up

babies. Worst of all, it would condemn victims to rape and incest to carry and nurture the

offspring of their rapist. Who would stand for something that would allow this to

happen? Women shouldn?t feel scared to have an abortion either. They should have to

think about what is going to happen to them as they try to get an abortion, yet they do

because they are picketing people outside harassing them. Some of the activists actually

take it to extremes, such as bombing abortion clinics. Why would someone who believes

in pro-life want to kill someone? Woman are born with rights, right to privacy and the

right of choice.

Adoptions are happening everyday, children picked to live with a family

deemed suitable for them. People as a whole can appreciate the idea of adoptions that a

child who has been given away by his true parents can go and live with a substitute

replacement family who needs a child to care for. The idea in principle is good, yet it

usually turns out to be a problem as the child develops and starts to wonder where they

came from and why their parents didn?t love them enough to keep them. There are so

many people who are having abortions, I don?t understand how someone could make the

decision to go through nine months of carrying their own baby and then give it up to

someone else. Abortion was mad to help people who didn?t have much of a choice and

were down to their last options. Many kids who have been adopted have turned out to go

through emotional traumas, thronging to fill a void in their life they feel they are missing.

The main cause of abortion is to help those who have been victim and those

who cannot support themselves, let alone a child. Rape is a horrible reality that still

occurs, it happens to innocent victims who can?t protect themselves. Why should they be

the ones to suffer and carry this baby not by choice? There are already enough worries

and problems in life, than to have a child when you are not prepared or able to provide

for that child. Kids who are pregnant should have the same right to an abortion, just

because they made a mistake they shouldn?t have to spend the rest of their lives making

up for that mistake. It?s shouldn?t come to the point where they need to drop out of

school and give up their dreams to work day and night to support their child, they realize

that they have made a mistake and they have the choice to have an abortion. A child

should not have to go through the pain, wondering if or when they are going to get their

next meal.

Abortion is not a choice, it?s a right. A right every person is entitled to based

on our constitution and the first amendment of freedom of choice. Who can try and tell

someone that abortions are unjust and barbaric when children die of starvation and abuse

everyday. Don?t be stubborn, think about who?s life you are affecting.


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