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Excessive Working Essay, Research Paper

Excessive Working

How would working over forty hours a week effect you? In the workforce, a workweek consisting of forty hours or more is not uncommon, nor is it recommended. Working an excessive number of hours can result in a change of performance, attitude and appearance.Cave men worked around ten hours a month but still managed to live moderately long lives. Then some wise guy invented the wheel and we?ve been working harder and living worse ever since.

More and more college student?s go to class full time and work full time. Is it possible to drive to Tunica to wait tables or shuffle cards for half of the night, sit in class for six hours and then produce good homework? Exhaustion effects energy level but also attention span, memory, and coordination. Even if a person gets eight hours of sleep, working constantly the other sixteen hours in the day eventually causes a person not be able to do what?s necessary to complete their work correctly.

Excessive working makes people grouchy. Many companies realize that at certain times of the year, workers will be required to work too much. Many of these companies go to great measures. To ensure that the overworked employees don?t fight amongst themselves or break down, managers and project leaders are trained in conflict management. Sections are developed to separate employees and often special events occur during high stress, long work hour periods.

If workers are doing bad and are at each other?s throats, at least they could look good doing it. But appearance is probably the first sign of an over worked employee. A busy schedule produces bags under your eyes, bad posture and wrinkled clothes. On top of that, you don?t have the ambition to spend time with make up, starch, and curlers to cover it up.

Performance, attitude, and appearance are a big part of what makes a person successful. Being overworked effects each of these necessary steps to success and can destroy your future if not managed properly.


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