Separation Of Parents And Their Childern Essay

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?I want to do it myself,? is what many kids utter or yell when they reach a certain point in their lives. When you were young, you depended on your parents for almost everything. They provided shelter, food, clothing and everything else you needed.

You could not have survived without them. Even though you were so close for so long to your parents everyone will reach a point in their life when they will want and need to separate from their parents.

After so long of depending on your parents everyone will need to part from their parents and progress on in the process of maturing. Your parents when you were young made most all of your decision in your life. Your bedtime was when they said you had to go to bed. If you went to a store they would buy what you wanted for you. Now you are older and more mature. You have started to separate from your parents. You decide what time you go to bed because you know how much sleep you need. When you go to a store you decide what you want and you buy it because you have your own money.

If you parents try to implement to many rules you may be forced to rebel. The story Through the Tunnel shows this process very well. This is shown when Jerry says, ?I?d like to go and have a look at those rocks down there.? He is trying to go off on his own, his way of separating from his mother. He no longer needs the guarding arm of his mother. When his mother tells him after his nose bleeds that he has to swim with her the next day he rebels in a little way. The next day instead of telling his mother where he is going he just goes without asking.

The movie we watched in class illustrates my point also. Many kids and their families were shown with one thing in common. All of the kids were controlled by their parents. This controlling nature led to many problems. The kids felt the need to rebel. Some drank, smoke, and became sexually active.

Parent protection is a good thing up until a certain point. Sometimes a helping hand is necessary in the process of maturing to help them along the way but you can?t help them all of the way. But if you don?t allow your kids to separate from you to mature on there own they will grow farther from you. When you restrict them it will just cause them to rebel.


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