My Last Day Essay Research Paper My

My Last Day Essay, Research Paper

My Last Day Sitting on my couch in my apartment, scanning thorough the cable TV channel, I found an interesting topic about asteroids on CNN. Not realizing what is going on I kept on scanning through the channels and ended up watching the Spiderman cartoon series. One hour later I m back to scanning through the channels and tuned to CNN again but this time I notice a shocking stories. The news just announces that an asteroid in two miles in diameter at speed of 140,000 mph is coming towards earth and will impact earth approximately in four hours. What am I going to do? My parents are not near me at all; they are living on the other side of the planet. My brother, Sam, went playing basketball and Patrick has gone fixing other people s computers. I m home alone in my apartment with no food, and my stomach is growling and its bugging me. Where is my family or my friends when you really need it!? One hour later, I decided that if I m going to die, I m going to die rich, and if I am lucky to be alive from this deadly explosion of the asteroid, then I want to have 5 million dollars on my pocket to live by. I will rob as many people that I can on my remaining time on earth. I know it will be an easy task since the whole town is scattered about trying to hide or running away to safe places from asteroids showers. I can see from outside my window apartment, people starting to gather up, pack up, and go somewhere safe. Ha! This is my chance; I will start from downtown Blacksburg, then work it out all the way to south main.

But why do people run and try to hide when the chance of living is one to a million. Not only the blast of the asteroid will kill us, but also after the impact there will be a massive cloud carrying deadly poisonous gas for five years or more. No one can hide to that extent of time. Some people with tons of supplies may survive for a year or more; but I don t believe these people can survive for five years or more. Just like what happen to the dinosaur age, asteroids wiped out the dinosaurs from the face of this planet by the same treat we are going to go now. But life will go on. The strong shall live and the weak shall die, and that is how the Law of Nature works .


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