Stress On Honor Students Essay Research Paper

Stress On Honor Students Essay, Research Paper


Stress affects many students. Pressures from school work

such as projects, home work tests class work and so on is how I

define stress for this project. My project is, Do honor students

experience more stress than regular academic students?


I would expect to see that there would be more stress on

honor students than students in average classes.


During the school year I plan to gather four groups of

students. These groups will consist of two from honor classes and

two from average classes. I will ask them questions that would

determine which group has more stress. I had put together a

sample survey which I had given out to forty students (all in honor

classes) going to the Discovery program at C.S.I. I asked them

questions like, Do you worry about not living up to parents? or

teachers? expectations, are you worried about the process of getting into

college, and on a scale of one to five how high is your concern for academic



I would plan to see that the honor students are highly expected by both

teachers and parents to do better in school, yet the pressures put on honor

students will be higher than pressure put on average students. Students in

honor classes will have greater concern for their school work, therefore they

will work harder to get the grades they need to get into college. From the

sample survey I had given out most students were greatly worried about the

process of getting into college. Most students were also worried about

living up to parents? and teachers? expectations for them to do well in school.

Most of them were greatly stressed out with keeping up with the school work,

and concern for academic achievement was very high.


I have not yet been able to draw a conclusion but as I had said in my

hypothesis I would expect for honor students to have more pressure placed

upon them than average students. What I had concluded from the sample

survey was that the students (all honors) experience a lot of stress while in


Background Information:

Stress can cause many Stress related disorders which commonly affect

the nervous system which controls internal organs. Examples of stress-

related disorders are headaches, back and facial pain, asthma, stomach

ulcers and high blood pressure. To handle stress you must get organized,

love yourself for who you are, learn to cry, exercise, clear your mind, and talk

to someone about your problem.

Ten Commandments for Managing stress

Better health- Learning with Stress

School Stressors

Dealing with stress at work

The health Gazette



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