Fishing Essay Research Paper My Fishing TripI

Fishing Essay, Research Paper

My Fishing Trip

I had the greatest experience of my life this year during August 7-10. I was spending my day just as usual taking it pretty easy. I was on the way to see my Grandma when I happened to run into one of my good friends so we stopped and got a little lunch. Just as soon as we sat down to eat I got a call from my old boss, and he was asking if I would like to go to Florida to go deep sea fishing. I was completely overcome, as I had always wanted to go . So I had to agree.

So I had to meet him at his house around 3:30p.m., we ended up leaving right at 4:00p.m. We first had to go through Gulfport to pick up my bosses son, so we got to Destin, Florida about 10:30. We were so tired from the ride down there we just got something to eat then went back to the condo to get some rest for the next day. The next morning we all woke early and were at the boat by 10:00a..m. we rode out into the harbor and caught a few bait fish, since I was the only person who had not been before they made pick all of the fish off the hooks and get all nasty. Then we headed about ten miles away from shore to start checking out fads. A fad is an object that you sink to the bottom such as a steel box or cage, so that the bait fish will hide in it so the bigger fish hang around. As soon as we trolled by the first one we got to bites they let me reel one of them in, and it happened to be a twenty pound king mackerel. The rest of the day did not go quite as well we only caught three to four more, we did not keep any of them anyway.

That night as soon as we got back and were done cleaning up the boat we got ready to get something to eat and go to A.J.’s. To party a little bit. The next day we were up at 9:00a.m. a lot earlier than I expected. We set out about thirty minutes later, because we were headed out about seventy miles. To try to catch bigger fish, the main thing we were looking for was marlin. That whole day we did not catch anything, but one little shark. Even though we did not get to catch much either day the second day was so remarkable. Where we happened to be you could see nothing for miles and miles it was completely peaceful the only thing that you could see were a couple of commercial fishing boats about two miles away. I would have to say if you ever get the chance to go deep sea fishing do not pass it up it might be the most amazing thing you have ever done.


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