Paper About Life Essay Research Paper The

Paper About Life Essay, Research Paper

The Longman dictionary of American English

defines life as, the force that enables us

to continue. Life in my eyes is the interval

of time between birth and death. Throughout

life you will be placed in situations, and

put to the test of time. There will be times

when you are joyous, and times when you are

sorrowful. This is the period of trial and

tribulation. Face the fact life is hard.

Being an adolescent, a person is premature

to the world. The value of an inexperienced

adolescent is meaningless, compared to a

person who has more experience in life. When

I was younger, I payed very little attention

to the values of life of life. In my eyes,

life was fun and games. I felt I would

always be a child, and have the never-ending

support of my parents. I knew I lived an

untouchable life, until tragedy struck and

changed my life forever.

Just a few years ago, I was put through a

very emotional stage of depression. At the

young age of fourteen, my mother went into

cardiac arrest. I remember having a horrible

dream that specific night about a death in

my family. I remember hearing the cries of

my father and sisters. It was thoses very

cries that awoke me from my sleep. At the

time of my awakening, I was very confused.

It was as if I was living out my dream.

As I walked the hallway, I noticed some

strangers were in my home. These strangers

were wearing paramedic paraphernalia.

Suddenly, my heart began to skip beats. I

noticed that something was not right in my

home. I followed the strangers into my

parent’s master bedroom. As I entered the

room, I saw my mother lying on the floor

fighting for her life. The paramedics were

performing CPR on the most positive figure

in my life. At that time all I could do were

cries and ask the Lord for His help. The

paramedics finally revived my mother and

rushed her to the nearest hospital. There

she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

The doctor stated, that during her stages of

pneumonia, cold fluids built up around her

heart. This caused my mother to go into

cardiac arrest.

At the time of my mothers near death

experience, I felt issues that once had

meaning became irrelevant. Instead of

spending my time socializing with friends, I

found myself spending quality time with my

family. Also I became more involved with my

mothers heath issues. My mother has always

been important to me, but since this

incident I realized that my mother has a

great impact on my life.

In the life time of an individual their are times when

obstacles are in the way. These obstacles will have different

situation depending on the individual. There are times when

the persons’ emotions will take its course. In some

situations the persons’ obstacle may set a sorrowful or a

joyous mood. Throughout my life, there have been several

obstacles set in my way. One of those obstacles changed

my views on life. Life is very precious, and is something

that we all take for granted. Now that my values on life

have progressed, I see that my mother is the world to me,

and without her I would not be the person I am today.


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