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Antigone And Oedipus Essay Research Paper How

Antigone And Oedipus Essay, Research Paper

How fate works in mysterious ways In the plays Antigone and Oedipus. Fate played a large part in the lives of these two characters. Fate play s an extremely important part in the life of Oedipus. Antigone doesn t have fate play as deep a part in her life as Oedipus does.People surrounded by these main characters also have fate affect thier lives. I m going to start with how fate effects the life Oedipus. In the beginning of his life when Oedipus was but a small infant he was fated to marry his mom Queen Jocasta and murder his pop, who was king of Thebes. Anyway, since his parents knew this dreaded thing they decided to have him be abandoned on a mountain so he would meet his death.Through some misfortune for them he was given from servant to servant to another king in a land across the mountains. He ended up eventually coming back to his homeland to his complete fate. Oh,I almost forgot another part of Oedipus fate was to have children with Jocasta, who would get all into trouble. In another of Sophocles play called Antigone fate doesn t play a specific part in her life. Her father Oedipus Is the reason she has a fate of getting into trouble as well as her other siblings. Eteocles and Polyneices end up kill-ing each other in battle, and in trying to bury her brother who was a traitor Antigone recieves the death penalty from her uncle King Creon.Fate plays a really big part in the life of Creon. After giving Antigone the death penalty Creon was fated to pay with the “flesh of his own flesh” said Tiresias the profit who was his son Haemon. After Haemon took his life because of the suicidemurder of Antigone his dumb, over emotional wife also took her life. As you can see fate played an important part in both of these stories.You should also notice there is no escaping fate.Oedipus s parents tried to have him killed,it didn t work and he still wound up carrying out his fate.Creon said about Antigone “I will carry her far away out there in the wilderness and lock her living in a vault of stone”.He planned for her to die there but when he found out his son would die he said he gave Polynecies a proper buriel and rushed to save Antigone but it was to late and fate once again carried itself out.

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