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Uncle Toms Cabin Essay Research Paper Book

Uncle Toms Cabin Essay, Research Paper

Book Report for Uncle Toms Cabin

Uncle Toms Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe is about a slave named Uncle Tom. In this book the main characters are Uncle Tom, Eliza and George Harris. This book may not be real but it is based on something that actually happened in history. This book takes place in Mississippi and Kentucky in the late 1800s right after the civil war and has to do with a man owing a slave named which of course is Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom was a very obedient slave who followed everything and anything his master would tell him to do. Uncle Tom also tried his very best to follow the bible as best as he could so this means he was a very religious Christian. Uncle Tom also runs the plantation all by himself that makes him a very good hard worker but he soon faces a very bad problem which can deeply affect him.

Uncle Tom soon finds out that Mr. George Shelby, SR. is in debt so he plans to trade a few slaves to a guy named Haley to pay off his debt but unfortunately he has to trade Uncle Tom. Then Haley sees Harry, Eliza s son and asks for him to, but thankfully Mr. Shelby does not want to trade him. Eliza overhears this conversation and tells her husband, George Harris. The coincidence that George is being mistreated by his owner and hears that they are definitely going to trade Uncle Tom and Harry they decide to run away.

While Eliza, Harry, and George are running away, Uncle Tom Decides to stay put because he knows God will protect him from any harm. When Uncle Tom was on a route to New Orleans he slaves the life of Eva St. Clare, and is rewarded by being bought by Eva St. Clare s father, Augustine. Unfortunately Augustine is married to a selfish woman who doesn t care about Eva St. Clare. The Augustine makes his cousin Ophelia take care of Eva and Tom on his plantation.

Soon enough Eva becomes sick and dies, Augustine wants to free all his slaves but is killed in a fight he tried to stop. They have an auction for Uncle Tom and other slaves because Ms. Clare doesn t want anything to do Uncle Tom. An abusive owner unfortunately buys Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom tries his best to please his new owner but he just can t do so. Uncle Tom is told to beat another slave but just refuses because the bible says that no person who is a Christian could own a slave or beat a slave, for this lack of obedience he is beat until he fainted. After Uncle Tom is treated for his wounds by a slave named Cassy and then go to Legree s apartment to torment. Legree is suppositious so he thinks that Cassy has powers so he doesn t bother her or punish her. She later runs away with another slave. Convinced that Uncle Tom knows where the slaves are he is beaten until he faints. Soon Mr. Shelby comes back to get Uncle Tom back but it is too late, Uncle Tom is hurt bad and is dying and then he dies.

This book was a very good book; honestly this is the best schoolbook I ever read. This book takes some real history and adds a little something extra that I cant put my finger on. Harriet Beecher Stowe is a very good author and this book should be named best book of the century.