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Dreams And Realities Essay Research Paper After

Dreams And Realities Essay, Research Paper

After I wake up I quickly come to a reality check. Realizing that I will have a white collard job. Working through the ranks from the bottom up to reach a reasonable goal. I will have diplomas and achievements, but I doubt if I will manage a billion dollar company. In my reality working hard is part of every day life. Working hard every day feeling that I am underpaid is reality.

In my dream like state again I see myself always happy. Never stressed out with the days problems or worries. Family problems are not an issue. Getting to and from work is no problem. Every idea or presentation that I have works well. Meetings run smoothly under my command. The office and staff work like a well oiled machine. All components together to reach a common goal.

Reality sets in, stress is a natural part of life. Living in an ideal world with no stress or problems is boring. Anger and stress add spice and excitement to life. People always deal with stress everyday. I am no exception and either is the future.

Coworkers cheery and happy enters my thoughts when dreaming of the future. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are unheard of. Every individual is nice to each other and no one is ever upset. Work atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. People respecting each one?s own opinion. Every day people are on time and punctual. Work is done on time with no excuses for late work.

The future is full of coworkers? being angry and disgruntled. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are a part of life. No individual is ever nice to everyone all of the time. People upset with other people is a natural process of life. Everyone has a bad day. It is not possible to be cheery and bubbly all of the time. Though nice this is not possible.

Driving five minutes to work every morning in my sports car is obviously a dream. Dreaming of never having to deal with traffic or long commutes; living in a small city no bigger than 30,000. A big city is too inconvenient for travel and time. Reaching any destination takes over thirty minutes.

Living in a big city is reality. Waking up at 6:00a.m. and picking up my car pool. Riding along the loop in my Geo Metro that reaches over thirty miles to the gallon. My car?s starter is shot and the air-conditioning doesn?t work. I will live in a big city and commute to my high rise office building down town. Each morning dreading the hour drive filled with traffic jams and spilt coffee.

I dream of earning six digit income. I know money doesn?t buy happiness but I think it will help. My estate will contain a few pools and tennis courts. My living room overlooking a sandy beach. My yacht will be stored down by the docks. My personal captain will take me fishing and joy riding. My house will be a marvel of modern architecture.

Meager home and white picket fence is my reality. Traveling to a health spa to enjoy a swim or work out. Earning a comfortable pay check, but by no means rich. Comfortable to afford small luxuries and enjoy life.

Dreams are excellent and are needed to survive. I have many dreams of my future. I also know most won?t come true. I do believe that I have the opportunity to reach my dreams. Reality is just something to fall back on if my dreams do not work. I will work hard to achieve my dreams. Jim Goodwin said: ?The impossible is often the untried.? I believe this to be true and there is no reason for myself or anyone not to try for their own personal dreams and aspirations.

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