Jane Eyre 2 Essay Research Paper Jane

Jane Eyre 2 Essay, Research Paper

Jane Eyre

The story begins when Jane is 10. Her parents are dead and her aunt at Gateshead Hall has taken her care of. There she lives a miserable life with her cousin John who bully’s her. After a fight with John she is put in the room where her uncle died. There she has a nightmare. Late at night she is taken back to her room by Bessie, the nurse. She isn’t well so Bessie call’s the apothecary. To him Jane says that she wants to go to school. For weeks nothing happens. At one day Mr. Brocklehurst arrives. He is the head of Lowood Institute. Jane goes to Lowood and meets Helen, a very intelligent child. Helen dies of tuberculosis. Many other children die at the same time of typhus, because of the bad food. Mr. Brocklehurst is degraded to the post of treasurer and other people are caring for the children.

When Jane is 18 she wants to go away. She is a teacher now and she places an advertisement as a governess. She gets one reply, from Mrs. Fairfax at Thornfield Hall.

Jane becomes a governess there for Adele a little orphan and ward of Mr. Rochester, the master of the house. Mr. Rochester isn’t home and there are strange things going on in the house. Many days pass away. One day when Jane goes out to the village to post a letter, she meets a horseman with his dog.

The horse falls and the man is hurt and Jane helps him on his feet. When she is back home she recognizes the dog and understands that the horseman is Mr. Rochester.

She meets Mr. Rochester many times and they have interesting conversations and she starts to like him very much, in spite of his sarcastic and authoritarian manners. He tells her much about his journeys. Sometimes she hears strange laughter in the night coming from the third floor. One night hears a noise and finds out that Mr. Rochesters bed is on fire. She puts out the fire and Mr. Rochester expresses his gratitude in an emotional way. Jane finds herself in love with Mr. Rochester. After that event Mr. Rochester invites a lot of guests. One of the guests is Miss Blanche Ingram, a very beautiful woman who tries to secure Mr. Rochester, which gives great pain to Jane. Jane thinks that Mr. Rochester wants to marry Blanche Ingram. One day a stranger arrives, a Mr. Mason from Spanishtown, Jamaica. Mr. Rochester seems to be very upset by his arrival. In the night Jane hears terrible screaming from the third floor. Mr. Rochester asks her to help him. He brings her to the third floor where she sees Mr. Mason badly wounded and bleeding. All the time Jane thinks that the laughter and the attack on Mr. Mason…

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