Child Poverty Essay Research Paper CHILDREN AND

Child Poverty Essay, Research Paper


The purpose of this project is to discuss child poverty and child welfare

practice. There is a need to critically examine the issue and situate the causes of

poverty at the societal level. In our society children poverty is a major concern.

There are emotional and physical side effects of children growing up in poverty.

It is stated that there is a decline in the level of child poverty in Canada.

Nations children must come first:

Canada has the capacity to act against child poverty. 89% of Canadian citizens

believe child poverty should be a priority. Nations who make great provision for social

security through their tax and transfer system have lower rates of child poverty.

Reasons behind child poverty:

Child poverty occurs due to many reasons such as ; high rates of unemployment,

not enough good jobs available. The incomplete and inadequate set of child and

family social policies has an effect on child poverty. Poor children and parents have

few resources, choices and developmental opportunities, resulting in stress, stigma,

despair and isolation.

Working together to end child poverty:

In order to achieve lower rates of child poverty government should increase

interventions in public policy by child welfare organizations.

In order to understand the topic clearly in detail i plan on having interviews

with Canadian youths, who is experiencing poverty and also an interview with

adults who have experienced poverty in the past as a child. Main purpose is to

see if growing up in poverty has a strong effect of their life in the present.

I will gather information on public opinion about the poor within Canada and a survey

to see if Canadian citizens are aware of the poverty around them. I will examine the

results of focus group studies on child poverty and research on anything relating

to child poverty within Canada.


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