Leo Kanner Essay Research Paper Leo Kanner

Leo Kanner Essay, Research Paper

Leo Kanner, first described autisim, in1944, the mysterious disability of autism is charactized by a peculiar emotional and intellectual dtachmnt from other people and the common human world. Autism is a developmental disability of the brain, much like mental retardiation, and though many autistic people appear to act retarded, they are quite frequently intellegent. Two to four out of every 10,000 children are diagnosed with autism: and 75% of them are boys (autism-partI).Autism is usually dagnosed in children before the age of 5. Many autistic infants are differen from birth. Two common factors in the may exhibit are first arching their back away from their caregiver to avoid physical contact and second failing to anticipate being piked up. Apassive baby is one who is quiet making little if any noise. Or their are overly active babies which constantly are crying for their caregiver. During infancy many began to rock and/or bang their head against the crib, but not always (Edelson 1).There is grat deal of variety amoung autistic people. Some autistic people may never learn to talk and many will be able to work independently. Other may do well in special supportive enviroments (Bitte 3).Autism is a defect that changes the way a person’s brain processes information (Waldman 1). This is why some children fall behind in their same-adged peers in areas such as communication, social skills, and congnition.Many children become overly insistent on the same routine everyday: if one is changed even slightly, the child may become upset and tantrum. Some common examples are drinking and/or eating the food at every meal, wearing certain cloths, or using the same route to get to school. Most autistic people find something that is silly to other quite important to them (Eldson 4).most autistic individuals seem to have impairment in one or more of their senses. This impairment can invovle auditory, visual, tactile, taste, vestibule, olfactory(smell), and proprioceptive senses. Approximately 40% of autisic people experience discomfort when exposed to certain sounds (Waldman 5).


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