Transcendentalism Writing Essay Research Paper Transcendentalism Writing

Transcendentalism Writing Essay, Research Paper

Transcendentalism Writing:

To me transcendentalism is a mindset and way of life. The people who are trying to find more meaning to life. They believe that a piece of god is in everything, man and nature. In their writings they try to spread their ideas and way of life with all that is around them. I believe that do not look down upon people who do not fallow their way of life I just think they try to spread their point across and who ever likes it can adapt it to their own lives. They live like this not by following the ordinary popular cord. They go off of intuition, a gut feeling. By doing this they get more out of life. Transcendentalist today are the trend setters and leaders not caring what others think about them just about how to get more out of life.

Although both essays are not on the exact same subject the authors were trying to get the same basic idea across. The ideas of transcendentalism: self-reliance, being misunderstood, and not to be a follower. In both essays the authors were trying to tell you that you should accept your place in society and just be happy. Everyone on this earth is the same; they have the same beating heart as the person in the class above or below them. In the first essay the author talked about being misunderstood and that you can contradict your self because all great and famous philosophers did. But if they believe in contradiction then the day after they wrote their essays they could just turn around and say the exact opposite thing and that it is ok. To me that is hard to absorb because how can you believe something one day and the next believe something completely opposite? In the second essay we read I like the authors writing technic of repetitiveness it made the reader aware of what the author was talking about. He was saying that farmers go through a cycle, that they just keep passing on the farm from one generation to the next and he disclose this message in how he wrote the essay.

What would you do if you were in Mr. Ryder’s position, accept the woman?

If I were Mr. Ryder I think that I would have accepted the woman as my wife because she pored her heart out to me and had so much hope. How can you turn someone down that has been searching for you for so long? She hadn’t given up hope why should you, even if you found your own little nook in the world. Although, you know that Ms. Dixon might make you happy you know this woman would as well, after all she was your wife before you got separated and you made a promise to find each other no matter what. I am the kind of person who doesn’t brake promises.

I could live with my decision because I could remind myself everyday that I didn’t brake a promise. If I would have kept my mouth shut and not accept the woman it would forever be on my conscientious and whenever I heard about cooking or looked at Ms. Dixon I would be reminding myself of a person’s heart I broke. I have learned throughout my life to never regret anything. I take things as they come and know that all things happen for a reason; therefore, I would be happy with the woman and things would all turn out in the end.


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