Russian Revolution Essay Research Paper Many events

Russian Revolution Essay, Research Paper

Many events led up to the Russian Revolution but it was sparked by just a few. It couldn’t have started without the oppression of the Russian populace. The heavy losses in World War I. The political views of famed Marxist Lenin to lead the oppressed Russian peasants and Nicholas II’s role in Bloody Sunday.

World War I was the beginning of the end for the Romanov rule. Russia was hit hard with 4 million Russians were killed, wounded or taken prisoner and the majority of the population was living in poverty. The ruling was unfair with the wealthy class highly favored. The poor stayed poor, the government only tried minimally to be fair with the people. It didn’t work Nicholas the second was the current czar of the country. He upset his people. He killed 500 to 1000 petitioners in front of his palace; the day was marked Bloody Sunday. Nicholas was ignorant to the state of his country. The citizens were being exploited Lenin saw this and knew that he too could take advantage of the people telling them what they wanted to hear.

The people need peace, the people need bread…We must fight for the social revolution, fight to end till complete victory of the proletariat. Long live the world social revolution!

Lenin knew he could push his thought onto the people as long as he included key words that the people needed to hear, Land, bread and peace. Lenin stirred up the people, brought them together and turned them against their ruler.

Nicholas II was so distant from his people that he did not recognize the poverty and the unrest that Lenin was creating. When Nicholas II recognised Lenin as a threat he exiled him instead of executing him like his ansestors would of done (or perhaps predecessor George Bush). Instead of stopping the problem he only postponed it.

Nicholas wasn’t capable of being a strong leader. If he had made wiser decisions he could have been hnown as the man that reformed Russa into a constitutional monarchy rather than an incompitent ruler that let his nation revolt.


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