Violence And Respect Essay Research Paper

Violence And Respect Essay, Research Paper

 The many problems we face today as a society seem to become more and more

overwhelming. I believe that respect for one other is a big social issue we face today in our

generation of tomorrow. We see this problem in teens, in so many places. For example, in school

there is a lack of respect for students from other fellow students. At home there is a lack of

respect from the children of this generation to their parents. There is also a lack of respect from

young adults to most authoritative figures.

First, the most apparent sign of lack of respect is in the school with students who do not

respect their peers. Most students fail to recognize each other as equals because of differing

economic status, race, and religious beliefs. Not only these situations play prime roles in the

disrespect of others, but also the clubs and organizations one could be associated with. For

example, the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado. The complaint brought before the

public from the guilty students was that they were mistreated by the football players of Columbine

High. They were said to have been teased until their life became so miserable that they took their

aggression out – the wrong way – on everybody in the school. The cause of this situation was a

lack of disrespect between the two parties resulting in recurrent retaliation, until one party went

too far. The lack of respect for one another only provided motive for such a situation to become

escalated. If respect had been received from both parties to one another, this situation may could

have been avoided. These problems have not only occurred in Columbine High, but have plagued

high schools across the nation. Fights and shootings have been the worst consequence of all, too

many violent crimes have occurred due to the lack of respect toward each other. This is where the

golden rule comes in to play. If the majority of students up held respect for one another by

treating others as they would like to be treated, situations like Columbine may could have been


The next, most apparent sign of lack of respect is in the common household from this

generation. This is where the whole problem of disrespect begins, learning to disrespect or respect

one another. If a juvenile has not been taught to respect his or her parents, why would that person

even consider respecting anyone outside a relationship that was supposed to be close knit?

Adolescents must be taught in the home to respect others; realizing that each person has a differing

situation and a different outlook on life, but before this can happen they too must be respected and

regarded themselves. The best way of teaching is to lead by example. Maybe, if taught young to

respect others inside the home, the majority of most young adults could avoid a life misery and

trouble. This life is brought before them via their decisions in life. A good illustration of this is

when teenagers turn to gangs to feel respect – the wrong kind – from one another as a substitute for

what they should receive at home, thus leading to a life of violence and crime. This decision of

choosing this parody of life only invites for other problems to begin, in more ways than one. If

one person out of the household could sit down and ask Jack and Jill if they know the Golden rule

of life; it would help them tremendously, more than most would think. As I remember when I was

younger, my Dad constantly harped on me to always respect others by treating them as I would

like to be treated, even if it meant respecting someone as I had seen as “not nice.” As hard as it

seemed, I would always attempt to do so, the majority of the time the outcome was respect from

the person as I had seen as “not nice”, fewer times it was not.

The last most apparent sign of lack of respect from this generation is toward authoritative

figures such as teachers, principals, and police officers. How often do you see a young juvenile

talking back to on of these three people? I see it almost every day! The generation of tomorrow

has little respect for the ones who teach and protect them for the future. These people are like

elders to our village know as society, they deserve the up most respect for their time and caring

generosity of teaching and protection. Police officers strive to keep things in order for each and

everyday to allow regulation in society, teachers educate the youth of the future to provide leaders

of tomorrow, and principals help to maintain the order of the schools to provide a good learning

environment. How often do you see these figures respected for their involvement? The respect for

these figures from the youth of today is little at all, which is evident by the increasing number of

juvenile halls and camps, In School Suspension units, and Alternative Education Programs for the

ones who do not want to or do not know how to respect other. As a student I have respected my

teachers in the way as I was taught to do, even in times of disagreement on situations and subjects.

Knowing that the majority of the time a teacher has a point, therefore entitling them to the name

teacher, helps to give understanding in this giving of respect. As a young citizen of society I have

always respect the law and its enforcers, for I know that it serves a purpose.


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