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Art 5 Essay, Research Paper


Art comes in many different forms. It isn t just visual work done on canvas using a certain medium, like pencils, watercolors, or oils. Art is just a way in which an individual expresses his or her inner most self, so that others can understand that individuals personality or feelings to their fullest. The most common things we think of when we think of art is drawings, poems, writing books or short stories, and plays. Although these are the most common forms of art, art comes in many other forms.

In my personal life, one form of art to me is in playing baseball. Through baseball I am able to express myself, which to me is in essence a form of art. Day in and day out I am able to go out on to the baseball field and release inner feelings and do something I enjoy doing.

Other people, who may not enjoy baseball, or sports for that matter, are able to express themselves through music. Many kids truly enjoy playing a musical instrument, and this is a great way for them to express themselves. People that are in bands express themselves to others without even knowing they are doing so. I enjoy music and appreciate it as much as anyone else. I love listening to the ways these individuals who make music express themselves, and I honestly believe I would relate best with the people or bands that make music that I like because somewhere deep inside we must share something in common, although it may not be clearly evident.

Gordon Sherman is no different from every other person; he has to express himself in some way, which in his case is through the visual arts. Looking at the work done by this man made me think about how weird his work is. I had a hard time depicting what his work was all about. Leaving the art gallery left me confused and perplexed.

Although I thought very hard about the meanings that lie behind his work, I only came to one conclusion. I came to the realization that only the artist himself knows the feelings and underlying meaning behind his work. The people who see his work can only get out of the work what they want to, and each person will come to different conclusions about works of art. The many different feelings that come out of works of art are what make art very special, and in my eyes make it an essential part of our lives.


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