SuperDuper Teddy Essay Research Paper Wendy Abram

Super-Duper Teddy Essay, Research Paper

Wendy Abram February 9, 2000 Book Report (about a

boy character) Title: Super-Duper Teddy Author: Johanna

Hurwitz Setting: The story takes place in Teddy?s

neighborhood, Teddy?s apartment, and in Anita?s house.

Main Character: The main character is Teddy. Supporting

Characters: There are many supporting characters. They are

Teddy?s mom; his sister, Nora; his neighbor, Anita; his

friend, Bryan; his turtle, Mr. Hush; and Anita?s cat,

Cassandra. Favorite Character: My favorite character is

Teddy because he always has his Super-Duper Cape. He is

usually shy except when he is wearing his cape. Summary:

Teddy is a shy five year old boy who lives in an apartment.

His sister, Nora is never shy. Teddy gets invited to Bryan?s

birthday party but Teddy doesn?t want to go. His mom

forces him to go and he ends up being the only other guest.

After that, his mom goes to a wedding. His grandma and

grandpa visit for two nights. Teddy and Nora didn?t like the

breakfast their grandparents made and they were bored.

When his mom came back, Teddy had to baby sit his

neighbor Anita?s cat, Cassandra. He would get paid money.

Cassandra makes a big mess but Teddy washes the mess up

with his cape. One day Teddy was very anxious to get a pet.

When he and his mom were driving, Teddy saw a pet shop

and they went in. Teddy spotted the perfect pet and they

bought him. The pet was a turtle and Teddy named him Mr.

Hush because he was so quiet. The next day, his substitute

teacher said they were going to take a long walk because it

was a beautiful day. When they were halfway done, Jerry

the fruit store keeper was blocking their way. Teddy saw

fruit that looked like tiny oranges. Jerry said they were called

kumquats. Teddy?s apartment was right across the street

from Jerry?s store, so they went into his apartment. When

they went into the elevator, it got stuck. There was a red

button that Teddy always wanted to push, and he finally got

to push it. When they all got to Teddy?s room, they ate

cookies and milk. The next day at school, Teddy was so

happy that he put his cape in the dress-up box. Even though

Teddy didn?t have his cape he still felt SUPER! Favorite

Part: My favorite part was when Teddy pushed the red

button in the elevator. I always wanted to push the red

button on elevators so I felt happy that he got to push it.

Ending: I felt happy about the ending of the story because

Teddy was not shy to anyone any longer. Recommendation:

I would recommend this book because it is full of surprises. I

think a person who loves animals would enjoy this book too.


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