Rage Of Love Essay Research Paper Rage

Rage Of Love Essay, Research Paper

Rage Of Love

The wind blew fiercely through the innocent eyes of love. The two love bird s are like two pieces of ice stuck together in a freezer. Tenchu has short black hair, and is wearing a karate dojo gee. The color of his shirt is white as the color of white wine. His pants black, yet it was suitable for him. They were holding hands, and walking slowly through the park.

Mitsmu was looking beautiful as ever. She had on some tight pants, and a dark green tank top. Walking through the park with a love one is a tradition in Japan. The two were enjoying each others company as the afternoon dies in the sunset. Love is a cure for the human soul. Love can also ascend a weakness in a human s spirit. Those words were a piece from Tenchu s poetry. He writes them in his spare time, while thinking about Mitsmu.

Chang (Tenchu s twin brother) barged in the straw rounded house. He ordered Tenchu to clean the front yard, which was filled with fallen brown golden crisp leaves. The two brothers never liked each other since the death of their parents. They both were torn apart in the notorious storm that bombarded the small village. Their parents vanished, but the two still remain. The two of them still gave some thought about that terrible night. The pair of them argued, and Tenchu screamed back at Chang, and told him to clean up the yard. An argument went to yelling, the yelling lead to pushing.

Like the typical brother and sister or brother to brother fights, this wasn t the case. Quickly Chang and Tenchu were in a battle with each other like two oversize bulls in a ring. They both knew the art of ju-jitsu, so this was a match. Through all of the hatred of each other, every second, minute, day, month, years have erupted like a volcano blasting hot steaming lava into the air. Tenchu had the wits of a great white tiger, and Chang with the strength of a grizzly bear. Both were badly bruised, and tired. Chang insanely grabbed a sword and charged Tenchu with it. Ching , wisssh , thinnnk , were the signature sounds of the sword missing Tenchu. Tenchu was backed up in a corner. The front door was in front of him and besides the right of him.

As Chang took a swipe at Tenchu, the door opened up, and blood shattered all over the destructed house. Chang stopped his ruthless attack, and dropped his sword. He whispered out softly Mistmu s name. Tenchu was not aware of anything, until he pushed the door closed, and saw his love one lying their breathless. Tenchu dropped to his knees, and held his diamond in the rough.

Slowly, Mitsmu s eyes were closing. Tears from Tenchu s eyes dropped on her bloody red shirt like every tear was his last. It was heartbreaking for Chang to witness this dilemma. Tenchu squeezed Mitsmu for the last time, and holding her like he never wanted to let her go. All of a sudden, Tenchu slowly rises. His eyes like a demon from the cold dark. He stared right at his brother Chang.

Tenchu grabbed the sword from the ground, and thrust it through Chang s heart. Chang fell to the floor. Tenchu stared at the sword, and stabbed him numerous times. With every swipe was a burning lost to Tenchu s passion. Tenchu was all alone now. His shadow devoured his own right to live any more. His loved one and his twin brother were both lying there with life sucked out of them. Now, Tenchu has to move on, but living life, as he was already dead. Love is a powerful sentiment. We don t realize what we have until it is gone. My life is no more and the true meaning of love can be defined as rich and priceless!! Those were the last words in Tenchu s poetry collection, before he had taken his own life.


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