China And It S

Differences Essay, Research Paper

China And It s Differences

China is very different from us especially their rules and government. In China each family is only allowed to have one child. If they choose to have to have two or more children, that family would be fined. If one of your children died, you were allowed to have one more child. When that child is born, you must schedule a meeting with an advisor and pay money to have that child registered meaning state the child is alive. The purpose of this is for that child can go to school.

Rules are so different, example when a convict is sentenced to death one can go and watch him or her die. When he or she finally dies after hours of being tortured, they fall in to a hole. After a day or so a sergeant goes and gets the body.

In America, convicts receive a shot which slowly stops their heart. No one can watch except for officers and other important people. They are not allowed to have passengers in the cars front seat of a car except trunks. Their cars looks like tractors. If caught with people in their cars they write down there names and if caught again, they look up your name and if found they have to pay a fine. If more then one person is in the car you must drive very slow. If one is going to fast, they will stop and inform you to slow down. If you verbally fight with them they can arrest you.

In my opinion United States rules are better. We receive tickets, if we go to fast or a warning. Cars are safer and better looking in the United States. Their cars can hold up to 2 to 4 people. If there is more you will need to buy a truck or a van.

China has a large drug problem. Drug smugglers are getting in from everywhere. Most young teens are using drugs. They bust teens and adult all the time. Kids and adults drop out of school all the time because of drugs. They also have a lot of problems with gangs. Many are killed because of drugs.

The authorities are trying to stop the drugs like we are. They are having a hard time like we are.

Some kids are joining gangs because their dads are members. As a result the streets of China are not safe at night.

Many kids and woman get kidnapped and raped and I think more than the United States.

So many parents get heart broken when they find their kids dead. This also leads to many people killing themselves.

Now lets talk about something good about China. China has their own fast food stores. I think the people there open their houses to make fast food places. They serve it out their windows and the difference is it is fresh. They make it there in front of you. They shop for the stuff they need at the markets. Some fast food places are made out of tents. It is not really a tent but a small hut.

In the United States you have to stand aside and wait in line and you don t know if someone spit in your food.

China does not have drive through. The houses are in a row and if you want something you need to get out of the car and go up to the window,

You don t see a lot of cars but you do see a lot of bikes. The bikes are their best way of transportation.

The people are very talented. They really know what they are doing and a lot of people have short hair.

China also has dressmakers. People can bring in magazines and make just about anything they want. A lot of the dresses are old fashion but look like new fashions. Some girls get the new fashions but not many. Usually the businesses are passed down from generation to generation. Most of the businesses are passed down to the family and the girls. Doctors and dentist are usually passed down to both. The doctors and dentists are usually one per town.

They also have eye doctors. They do all the same things but instead of showing where E is pointing, they ask if you can see it all the way.

China also has a machine clinic. The people who work there might be blind but this is a good job for them. People in China say that they are really good. With all of this things, I still don t know why they wash their clothes in the river. In China, people still wash their clothes in the river. We use a washing machine. They still don t have all the equipment and machines that we have. But soon they will have as much as we do. They are extremely different. There is not much similarity. China is their own Country as we are in our own Country.



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