How To Prepare For A Successful 14

How To Prepare For A Successful 1/4 Mile Essay, Research Paper

There is no big secret as to how and why people have to prepare for a race such as the quarter mile. It is the longest most physically demanding of the sprints; strenuous training is required in order to survive a single race. There is a certain way that I choose to prepare for it that makes it just a bit easier. What a person chooses do before a race can greatly affect them. The way one prepares for his/her race determines how well one performs. There are certain steps a runner must follow in order to allow his/her body to be as fit and as energetic as possible on race day. It is obvious that a person must train hard by lifting weights, exercise, and running. However, there are other aspects of training one must face and follow. First of all, one must have a well balanced diet consisting of precise amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fats. The second step would be rest. Many athletes I have spoken to barely sleep and rest. They are always straining themselves causing their bodies to deteriorate rather than build and fortify. Lastly one?s flexibility should also be well maintained. It one of the most important, but it is an overlooked aspect of training. There are certain things one should include in the up coming days prior to race day.

One should always begin this about 3 days before race. The third day is the first part of this preparation. One should begin stacking up on carbohydrates on this day. Foods such as pasta, bread, baked goods, sweets, ext? are to be consumed in extra portions, this is known as carbohydrate loading. The extra carbohydrates give one much needed extra energy. After having been training for months, one needs a little extra amount of energy. For breakfast one can have pancakes, toast with jelly, jellyrolls, corn muffins, ext? The foods one eats will energize one?s body for the future. Next part of one?s day is the training. One can train hard on this day, in fact it?s the last day one should train hard. The reason I say this is that, nobody can achieve any extra conditioning by working out the 2nd or last day prior to race. Working out the day prior to a race would cause one to be recovering rather than being at 100%. Jog in the morning as a warm up and in the afternoon hit the track hard. Your workout should involve speed work. Do 10×100m at 90% effort to work out leg speed. After the work out don?t forget to jog for a while and cool down, followed by a long stretch, paying special attention to the hamstrings, this is especially important for sprinters. Then take a short nap, have dinner at no later than 6pm and eat a snack before you go to bed. Make sure you get plenty of rest, at least 8 hours.

On the second day one should begin the day with a short jog, however unlike before one should not work out. Today one is just to jog and stretch at most. It works much like the cool down at the end of a work out. Instead of being punished your muscles will have a chance to heal and build up strength. Once again have a breakfast that consists of foods rich in carbohydrates a very important source of energy. The jog keeps your muscles working and loose and it does not hurt one at all. Remember to stretch well today as well, even though one did not workout flexibility is very important and should be maintained in order to prevent injury. After the stretch and light jog in the morning one is done for the day. If one chooses or feels he/she needs more exercise stretching is best. Now relax most of the day and continue to eat foods that contain carbohydrates. Also be sure to obtain as much rest as possible and keep hydrated as well.

When there is 1 day left one should eat the same type of foods, get the same amount of rest, however, one is not to work out at all. Any work one?s body does on this day will only hurt one?s performance. Rest is the main focus of this day. This is the hardest part of the training, because by now, since one?s body is used to working out, one is going to have great amounts of energy. Furthermore, it is going to be tough for one to even sit still. Maintain the same eating habits and just increase rest. Be careful not to spend the whole night picturing the race and try not to be nervous. Just try to relax.

On race day just try not to stuff yourself 2-3 hours before the race. This is what you have been working for all this time, just lay back and enjoy. Watch the workouts pay off, be confident. One should be ready to fly. One should have the last drink at least 1 hour before the race to prevent nausea, however, it should be nothing more than 16 ounces. Even though your mouth will get dry at the starting line, do not drink just before a race. If you feel dry mouth you should just take a small sip and rinse your mouth. Warm up 1 hour prior to the race. One should break a sweat in this warm up, it is very important that one is properly warmed up. When one is warmed up, one should stretch and then race. Just remember to keep your muscles loose and have confidence, the key to wining any race.


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