Broken Angel Essay Research Paper Broken Angel

Broken Angel Essay, Research Paper

Broken Angel by Francine Pascal Broken Angel by Francine Pascal is a story about Angel Desmond who is at the racetrack and has gambled away all of his money. His girlfriend Tia Ramirez and her friend Conner McDermott are looking for him. They find him at the racetrack and Tia gets very angry with Angel when she finds out he has lost all of his money. Angel dreads telling his parents, because he lost his whole savings account which was for college. He graduated form El Carro is supposed to go to Stanford in the spring. His parents are really excited about it.Angel stayed up late that night thinking about what happened. The next morning his mom offers to take him to get a small refrigerator for his dorm room at Stanford. He cannot take the pressure anymore so he tells his parents he does not have any money. Then he tells them what happened and they are very disappointed in him. His father fires him from his job at the garage that his father owns. Tia and Conner meet ant the caf and try to think of ways to help Angel. Finally when everything seems hopeless Conner thinks of a good idea. Conner s mom is in all kinds of charities that give out scholarships at the end of school. Conner said he would ask his mom to put in some good words for Angel. Conner goes to ask his mom to help Angel. He is very nervous because she is usually drunk. She is an alcoholic. He finally gets his nerve up and knocks on her bedroom door. He walks in and she is cleaned up and sober. It was a big shock to Conner. His mom calls a few people for Angel and makes a few dinner dates.Tia goes to Angel s house to tell him the good news. He comes to the door smiling from ear to ear. He said he has got good news for her. She tells him the news about Conner s mom trying to get him a scholarship. He tells her tell Conner to just forget it. He is not going to college. He tells Tia he is going to stay with her. She tells him he cannot because he has worked so hard to go to Stanford. He then tells Tia she does not love him because she is pushing him away. They argue and she leaves. Conner s mom comes back from a dinner and is very drunk. Conner asks his mom if she done anything for Angel and she says she forgot. Conner gets angry and starts arguing with her. She leaves in her car. Him and his sister Megan are very worried about their mother. Then the phone rings. It is the hospital telling them their mother was in a car accident and they need to come in. He has had to go through a lot in the past but this was worst.Tia and angel have not talked in a while so she goes to see him late in the night. She tells him his future is very important and he will regret it if he does not go to Stanford. He decides to take Tia s advice and knows that later he will be thankful. He fills out a form so that he can work on campus to pay for things and have extra money. Tia and Angel work out everything.Ken Mathews lost his girlfriend Olivia last year and spent he whole year feeling guilty for going on with his life. He has been going out with Maria Slater. He has never dreamed of any girl but Olivia and the other night he dreamed that he was winning the football game and he looked up in the stands and seen Olivia and Maria sitting together. They where both smiling then Olivia disappeared. Ken tries out for football again but the coach will not let him on the team. Ken takes Maria s advice and goes to practice and does everything the other players do. They all give him a hard time. Finally the coach lets him back on the team after seeing his dedication.Jessica and Jeremy have been dating a long time and he breaks up with her because she meets Will out at a caf . It was suppose to be a group meeting to discuss the traditional kidnappings of the cheerleaders and football players. Jessica goes to the restaurant were Jeremy works to talk to him about what has happened. She explains herself and Jeremy tells her he knows she was not out on a date with him. He still wants to break up because he thinks she has feelings for Will. Jessica and Jeremy are working the same shifts. She tries to talk things out with him by telling him he is the one she wants. He tells her that one day is not long enough to figure things out. He tells her that they can be friends. Jessica starts crying.When Jessica gets home she goes straight to her bedroom and starts crying. The phone rings and she hopes it is Jeremy calling to tell her everything is ok, but it was Will. She started to hang up and not talk to him but he seemed so confronting to her. She agrees to meet him at his house after football practice to go over the kidnapping.Jessica meets Will at his house. He comes to the door with no shirt on because he just got out of the shower. She comes in and sits in his room. He plays some music and they start dancing and when they are ready to start kissing Tia walks in. They start discussing the kidnapping. Tia explains to them that they have to choose a few people and kidnap all of the football players and cheerleaders. They get all of the plans made. Tia, Jessica, Will, and a few more guys go on there kidnapping tradition. Jessica and Will end up kissing. She knows Jeremy is best for her but she still thinks about Will and his amazing kiss.The main points in this book are first that college is important and you can overcome your problems that you face. Second, it is hard to get over the loss of a loved one but you have to move on with your life. Third, some people face more problems than we do and their problems get worse and it is hard to deal with an alcoholic in your family.I agree because college is important to get a good job and to be successful. When you loose a loved one it is hard but when you sit around and grieve your life will fade away. They would want you to move on with your life. Kids who deal with a parent who is an alcoholic live a rough life. They have to take on more responsibilities than normal kids do.


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