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Scarlet Ibis Essay Research Paper Double Edged

Scarlet Ibis Essay, Research Paper

Double Edged Sword

As one s life begins its growth, it also comes to an end. That person is Doodle and his life and death are centered around his egotistical brother. A boy named Doodle is doomed to death after being diagnosed with a strange disorder. This disorder confines Doodle to his deathbed for the rest of his life, until Brother steps in. Brother encourages Doodle to disregard his fate and live a normal life. Brother does this only for the sake of his pride though, not for Doodle. As Brother teaches Doodle new things, Doodle becomes more like a normal boy. But Doodle struggles, making Brother push Doodle harder and leading Doodle to his death. However, most readers can infer that Brother gave Doodle life but also took it away.

Brother gives Doodle a life that is never expected. Although Brother s intention is the wrong one, he still helps Doodle gain happiness. At moments, Brother s confidence in Doodle living increases immensely. Doodle and I spent a lot of time thinking about our future (Hurst 489). The significant word in that sentence is future . So if Brother is speaking about Doodle s future, this proves that Doodle is starting to have a life in result of Brother s encouraging. Also, there is evidence that Brother is helping Doodle. I m going to teach you to walk (Hurst 488). Doodle would never have pushed himself to walk. Doodle was completely dependent on Brother when it came to learning how to walk and run. In another example, Brother plans out how to give Doodle a normal life. I would teach him to run, swim, climb trees, and fight (Hurst 489). Doodle s life is getting better as time goes on. All of this is a result of Brother pushing Doodle to reach his greatest potential.

Although a reader might think that Brother is a great brother, there dark side. Brother teaches Doodle all of these skills but for the wrong reason. Brother does all this work for his own pride and never stops to think how this is actually affecting Doodle. For instance, when Brother says, Do you want to be different from everyone at school? (Hurst 490). Doodle responds by saying he doesn t care and he wants to rest but Brother does care and forces Doodle to continue. Not considering Doodle s previous physical condition, Brother continues on with the training of Doodle. It is only a matter of time before his previous physical condition unfolds and dramatically affects Doodle. Also, there is a point in the story when the reader comes upon a key quote that reveals Brother s knowledge of his wrongdoing. I should have admitted defeat but my pride wouldn t let me (Hurst 491). A quote like this shows the reader that Brother couldn t transform Doodle from a cripple to a track athlete like he desired. Brother should have understood this and just stopped while they were ahead or at least slowed the pace down. Finally, Brother abandons Doodle in the rain. Doodle had poured out all his energy rowing against the tide and could not walk anymore but still Brother pushed Doodle. I heard Doodle crying out , Brother, Brother, Don t Leave Me, Don t Leave Me! (Hurst 493). Brother s brutality killed Doodle. Brother was too obsessed with his own pride that he left Doodle in the rain and later came back to find Doodle dead. This cruelty was the cause of Doodle s death.

Although Brother gave Doodle life, he also took it away from him. Brother lead Doodle on a forbidden path to a pleasant life. Brother also pushed Doodle over the cliff to a painful death. Brother is left with both joy and guilt for the rest of his life because of one brother who embarrassed him.

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