Rape Essay Research Paper RapeSeek safe grounds

Rape Essay, Research Paper


Seek safe grounds or surroundings.

Save evidence by not bathing, douching, eating, changing clothes or straightening up.

Call a friend or someone you can trust to help you go through the ordeal.

Call the police- specifically (909) 320-8000 and ask for Sergeant Crawford.

He will send out a police patrol unit to pick you up from where you are at and take you to the Riverside General County Hospital. The number for the hospital is (909) 486- 4000.

They will start you on what is known as a ?sexual assault kit.?

At the hospital, you will be probed thoroughly by a team of well-trained nurses and doctors. Every part of your body will be inspected. Samples of evidence, if any, will be taken, stored, and analyzed.

The patrol officer will also interrogate you. He will write a report of your statement and give it to the Sergeant.

A person from the United Way Agency might also come to assist you. These people are from free government agencies that provide counseling and support. They will provide you with clothes and a booklet of information regarding rape. The head of the counselors, Gill (I was not allowed a last name in my interview), can be contacted at (909) 686-7273.

After everything at the hospital is taken care of, the patrol unit will give the case to the Sergeant. He will give the case to a specific team that checks to see if there is more evidence.

They will check to see if there is any other type of evidence to support your allegation: checking to see if the suspect is a repeat offender, if there were any witnesses, etc.

You must also go to the hospital at least two more times within a two-month period to prevent any sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis A or B, etc.

The suspect will be put in custody for further interrogation.

If there is enough evidence, then the suspect will be arrested and charged with rape.

The file will go to the DA?s office, Grover Trass?s office.

There the DA will give the case to deputy DA?s and they will go to trial.

The trial will be held at Municipal/Superior Court in the city of Riverside. There a jury will convict the suspect of rape and he will be sentenced to do time in prison.

You may also want to contact Andrea Briggs at (909) 787- 3213 to discuss the issues involving psychological affects and how you may not want to attend school. She is one of UCR?s counselors that deal with rape victims. She is located at the UV.

The people from the United Way Agency may also assist you with counseling and group therapy. They have a staff of 40-50 members that are ready and willing to assist you in any way they can. They can also come with you to the trial and give support.


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