Logistics Of Power Essay Research Paper

Logistics Of Power Essay, Research Paper

Carolingians ? Charlemagne could not visit or

directly rule various lands ? local and regional aristocracies remained ?

Bavarians fought as Bavarians ? establishment of a son in a sub-kingdom

recognition of regional power more than an attempt to control more tension

from relationship of son to ruler (Charlemagne?s reorganisation of Louis?

fisc) and ruled than resentment to central directives ? few and far

between. Royal household structure managed by a leading

aristocrat who used positions of household as power tools etc. Court also forms part of centralised government ?

Francis ? size of empire, volume of business, generated new requirement

for delegation an coordination for multiplying of royal agents ? new forms

of communication between agents and kin Notaries and charters important in expressing

legitimacy to land and importance, viability of the king?s power.? 9th century Carolingian

kings when settling in permanent residence built archive ?c written

messages did not replace oral ones ? courtiers and envoys, whose comings

and goings annalists of court depended for their information and

instruction must have used spoken word more than written word. Counts essential middle men between ruler and

people in Carolingian kingdom, all purpose agents.? Carolingian capitularies three main

roles for counts 1. social order, justice, crime 2. look after royal

estates an 3. summon men when the king campaigned.? Less tidy than this, overlapping

authorities, some counties larger some more wealthy.? Counts as missi and aristocrats first

and royal agents second ? around their own and, countships hereditary. Frankish aristocratic collaborators made possible

expansion and prime beneficiaries ? honoures in acquired regna ? conquest

Aquitaine appointment franks to key countships an to Italy ?to enforce the

authority of laws and cause the custom of the Franks to be observed?- Charlemagne?s

acquisition of Bavaria abandonment of Tassilo by key members Bavarian

aristocracy ? Lombardic and Bavarians allowed to keep own laws ? much in

terms self consciousness and autonomy ? law territorial not personal. Who will guard those guards?? Ruler himself? -Charlemagne employs missi dominici to hear grievances

against counts, to choose, supervise selection knowledgeable men to serve

in comital courts. Carolingians used Vassi ? vassals, due to royal

land, could function as agents in centre and in the province ? no

progression vassal to count so perhaps recruited from meidocres. Bishops similar role to counts ? Charles the Bald

may have used bishops instead of counts. Sanctions non fulfilment of duties: deprivation of

patrimonies ? threat of royal intervention often enough to impel count to

do justice. Carolingians formally dissolved jurisdiction to

regional princes who functioned like ub-Kings ? counts and peasants to

princes and war bands ? government multi layered ? small worlds remained

part of greater ones.? Carolingians

trade offs between local aristocratic power and royal power ? good deal

subsidiarity etc. Palace relatively public place ? people still come

there even peasants. Regnal order never clearer than when King summoned

an assembly ? royal government applied to every time of problem ? 794

Frankfurt ? clearing up rebellion 792, faithless from faithful, confirming

downfall of Tassilo of Bavaria, serious famine, prices, punishing

profiteers etc. Much disorder ? but Kings took seriously God-sent

obligation to preserve peace and order in their realms and strove to

engage their people along with them. Military obligation fundamental, failure to perform

serious breach ruler?s authority ?


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