Favorite Music Band Fuel Essay Research

Favorite Music Band Fuel Essay, Research Paper

It s the 90 s and music is at an ever changing pace. One band that contributes to that change goes by the name of Fuel . Fuel is a new band that focuses it s performance on a mix of alternative and hardrock. Headed by Brett Scallions (lead vocals & guitar)and Carl Bell ( songwriter, guitar and vocals), Fuel blows the competition away its powerful smash songs. One of those songs, Bittersweet , hit the top of the charts not to long ago. This essay is based on the song Bittersweet and its personal relation with

both Carl Bell and Brett Scallions.

Carl Bell grew up in Brownsville, Tennessee and loved to live a faced paced, bad attitude type of life style. For example, a line from the song Bittersweet , kick against the pricks and scrape the shins(Bell), emphasizes his childhood and maybe some growing pains he my have went through as a child. He was probably like all other children; living on the edge. They say writing songs is a way of expressing your feelings and putting them to good use. In addition, another line in the song I m the enemy in the enemies

now (Bell), demonstrates a possible low point in Bell s life where he felt like he was badwithin being bad.

You can think of Brett Scallions as the connection between Carl Bell and theaudience. For example, Scallions, being the song performer, with his loud voice, projects Carls thoughts and feelings to everyone else. As a young singer, Scallions worshipped the vocals of the Cult s Ian Asbury, but Scallions own powerful voice resonates with an unique, expressive energy (Fuel Sunburn p3). But growing up in a small town could have left his singing career to not be found. In addition, Scallions voice carries a powerful message that can be recognized by the audience. A kind of voice that my have a feeling

in it. Although Scallions has never told anybody, it might be possible, the reason why he sings like he does is a way of expressing his feelings like Bell does when writing songs.

Scallions advice to any and everyone is Enjoy it, Enjoy it while it last (Sultan p2)


As a team Bell and Scallions make an unprecedented smash combination,but

doing what they do isn t easy! For example, Bell says Writing is a therapy for me, it helps you decode what s going on in your life (Fuel Sunburn p2). He admits to spending hours searching for the right word (Fuel Sunburn p2). He says, You have to find it quickly and then slowly flesh out the details (Fuel Sunburn p2). In addition, Bell always had trouble finding a good musician. But Bell grew up with a fellow guitarist named Jeff Abercrombie. Bell convinced Abercombie, later, to play the bass; Bell said it was cool (Fuel Sunburn p3).

With band members Brett Scallions, Carl Bell, Jeff Abercrombie, and Kevin Miller; Fuel continues to rock the stage with new music. Although they all grew up in small towns, they quickly put together a successful team and put out their major label debut, Sunburn, released in 1998 (Rolling Stone p1). We will probably hear from Fuel again in the future with new smash hits at the top of the charts, where they earned to be.

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