The Benefits Of Weight Training Essay Research

The Benefits Of Weight Training Essay, Research Paper

The Benefits of Weight Training

In today s society many people look for an easy way to get in shape. People try miracle pills, expensive machines, one week diets, and other products that promise instant results. Getting in shape takes more than just a wonder shake, it takes discipline and an organized plan. Some people strive to increase in size, while others want to merely tone their body. To organize ideal improvements in weight training, a balanced diet, muscle supplementation, a designed workout, and dedication are needed.

One of the quickest ways of seeing improvements in ones physique is by having a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that is low in fat and cholesterol and avoids junk food. Eating healthy increases energy and can also prolong ones life. Many diets focus on one type of food, but the best way to dies it by eating healthy. Carbohydrates are a great source of energy, but if unused carbohydrates can be turned into fat (German).

A balanced diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Red meat is high in fat, and should be avoided. Fish and chicken are great sources of protein and are also low in fat. Foods that are fried and cooked in heavy oils are high in fat and unhealthy. A balanced diet is very important in getting in shape. But other sources of energy are needed to attain the best results.

Supplementation such as creatine can speed the process of muscle gain substantially. Creatine is an over the counter drug that helps the body maintain a supply of ATP (Adenosine Triphospate) in the blood stream. This in turn allows the body to continue exercising. Creatine does this by giving the used ATP, now ADP, one of its phosphate molecules. Another way that creatine allows the body to work out longer is by neutralizing the acids that are produced during exercise (Bradford 62). These acids lower the pH of blood and contribute to muscle fatigue.

One last way that creatine allows longer periods of exercise is by a process called glycolysis Glycolysis is stimulated by a decrease in creatine levels, which would occur as the creatine regenerates into ATP. Creatine is stored in the muscles where it powers movements. Taking creatine supplements enhances explosive exercises such as weight lifting and sprinting. In contrast, reports show that creatine may hinder performance in endurance exercise. Some of the short term effects that may occur from creatine use are weight gain, stress of liver, and kidneys, nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, loose stool and diarrhea. These side effects are uncommon, and generally occur with dosage that exceeds the recommended dosage of 5 grams per day (Bradford 62).

While creatine has exploded in the market recently, studies of creatine date back to the mid 1920 s. Still the long term effects of creatine have yet to be determined. Much research is needed to reveal whether or not prolonged use of creatine is healthy. “Creatine may sound like a wonder drug, but the consequences from long term use are not yet known.”(Wunder) Creatine will not build muscle on its own, weight training is also essential in this process.

One of the hardest aspects of getting in shape is designing a workout. There are two major ways of lifting weights, strength training, and endurance training. Endurance training is done by athletes that participate in a sport or activity for prolonged periods of time. Long distance runners and swimmers are two examples of athletes that would benefit from endurance training. Endurance training requires lifting light weight many times. Instead of increasing weight a person should increase the number of repetitions. This technique allows the athlete to build strength without loosing flexibility (Henry).

Another popular way to lift weights is called strength training. Athletes such as wrestlers, football players, and body builders benifit most from this style of working out. Strength is increased by adding bulk instead of toningg the muscle. To begin strength training one must start by using a comfortable weight that is easily lifted, then gradually increase the weight while lowering the number of repetitions(working 28).

Upon choosing a form of working out, the first step is to form a structural routine. Muscles need time to rest, and stressing the same muscles day after day actually decreases the amount of muscle gained (Henry). Furthermore for the best results it is better to concentrate on one group of muscles a day, such as working out upper body one day and then working lower body the next day. Also the largest muscle that is being worked out that day should be done first. There are three large muscle groups that need to be worked out at least once a week: the legs, back, and chest. It is also beneficial to work out smaller muscles after the larger muscles have been fatigued.

Muscle growth is most productive on the day after working out. Therefore letting the muscle rest actually helps to gain muscle quickly(Henry). Many Americans rate their strength on one or two exercises when in fact strength is the overall performance of all muscles. Stretching is an essential part of daily routine. It decreases the chance of any serious injuries. Stretching also helps an athlete to gain flexibility and agile while relieving unwanted stress to the muscles. It is recommended that a person should stretch between 10-15 minutes a day before working out.

Along with improvements in physique, weight training and exercise can substantially reduce the risk of getting several diseases. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening the muscles in the heart, which in turn lowers the blood pressure improving blood flow, and increasing the hearts working capacity. By reducing body fat weight lifters can prevent and control certain types of diabetes. Increasing muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and posture all can help to prevent sever back pain upon the elderly. Osteoporosis may also be prevented by regular weight lifting which helps to strengthen bones (Landrigan). Along with preventing disease, weight training has been proven to boost personal moral and reduce depression and anxiety while helping to manage stress.

Dedication is a key factor in and fitness program. Getting in shape takes a lot of time and effort. Setting a schedule is the best way to stay dedicated. One must take time out over every day to devote to working out. A membership to a gym such as the YMCA can make working out around a busy schedule easy. Gyms provide help from qualified instructors and also provide excellent fitness and health programs. A partner can also be a key to staying dedicated to lift every day. A friend can help boost moral and give a sense of responsibility to work out every day. After a prolonged time period working out becomes a routine and is much easier to stay dedicated.

Weight training requires a balanced diet, muscle supplementation, a designed work out, and to dedication to fulfill optimal health. In the era of online shopping and TV sinners, today s society can benefit greatly from weight lifting and regular exercise. Many individuals look for the easy way to get in shape, but in reality it takes much more than some miracle pill. It takes time, effort, and hard work.


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