Lytton Commishon Essay Research Paper Lytton CommissionWe

Lytton Commishon Essay, Research Paper

Lytton Commission

We, representatives of the League of Nations, would

like to give our League of Nations Official

Pronouncement following the events of the Mukden

Incident and the formation of Manchukuo. First of all,

we would like to list the facts accepted by both Japan

and China. On the 18th of September, 1931, a track of

the Southern Manchurian Railway was detonated by a

bomb. As a result of this detonation, the Japanese

army advanced into Machuria thus creating a puppet

state, Manchukuo. China declares that this is a act of

aggression and turn toward the League of Nations for

aid. On the 10th of December, 1931, the League of

Nations has sent a commission to investigate the

events that took place. From the six weeks we spent

there, we inquired two very different stories from

both opposing sides. First, Japan claims that the bomb

was set off by Chinese willing to disrupt the growing

Japanese bussiness.The act of advancing into Manchuria

was only to free Manchuria from Chinese rule and a act

of self defense. As a leading power in East Asia, it

is their responsibility to keep it free from

lawlessness. China gives a entirely different view of

the whole incident. China claims that the Mukden

Incident was set off by members of the Japanese army

to further enslave their people. Japan has been

fighting China not only for keeping peace, but for

rather their only benefits. Ever since the Meiji

Restoration, Japan has always wanted raw materials and

Manchuria was just too good to be true. China also

claims that they have been torn apart by civil war but

are trying to unite the torn country again when

suddenly the Japanese suddenly intervene. After a

long discussion, we League of Nations find China

guilty for the Mukden Incident and the form of

Manchukuo. China has no right to have Manchuria under

Chinese rule. If the dynasty had been more powerful

and modernized, then the Mukden Incident would have

not happened thus not creating the Manchukuo.


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