Paper Towels On Trial Essay Research Paper

Paper Towels On Trial Essay, Research Paper

Paper Towels On Trial

Have you ever wondered what the best brand of paper towels is? Or what “the best” actually means? Well, our group adventured out to find “the best” paper towel! We tested seven different brands of paper towels. We did 3 different controlled experiments to collect data. The data will help to determine the best paper towel out of the seven brands we tested. The brands we tested were: Bounty, Scott, Viva, Home Best, Strong n’ Thirsty, Good Day, and Green Forest.

The materials we used for our controlled experiments included: a tub(to hold water), a dropper(for the absorbency test), a cup, seven brands of paper towels, a few flasks, a triple beam balance scale, water, our chart(to record the data), our hands(for the absorbancy test), and our groups table.

Here are the tests, and our steps we used to obtain the data.

Absorbancy Test

1. Two people hold the paper towel tightly about 6 inches above the table.

2. One person cups their hands underneath the center of the paper towel.

3. One person drops the water onto the paper towel with the dropper.

4. The person dropping water counts how many drops it takes before it drops throught the paper towels.

Durability Test

1. One person soaks a paper towel in water.

2. Another person times, with a watch, the time it takes for the paper towel to rip.

3. One person rubs the paper towel back and forth on the table with their fingertips until it rips.

Strength Test

1. Set the water tub on the table with a little bit of water in it.

2. Two people hold a soaked paper towel tightly over the tub.

3. One person gently sets a flask on top of the paper towel. They fill the flask with water until the paper towel breaks.

4. When it breaks, someone goes and weighs the flask, and we record the weight for the strength test.

There was more than one brand that won in the absorbancy test. They were Scott, and Home Best. Both brands held five and a half droppers full of water before it dripped through the paper towel. Scott brand won the durability test. It stayed intact for one minute and thirty seconds before ripping. The paper towel that was best when it came to strength, was Viva. It held 843 grams water plus the weight of the flasks.

With all the data we recorded, it was determined that Viva was the best brand out of seven brands that we tested. Of course I have discovered one of the best brands of paper towels. I’ve also discovered that you have to be very careful and accurate when performing the lab tests. Now I know which paper towel to buy. I can inform my family and friends which brand is the best which will help because we will use less paper towels!

“I hereby find Viva paper towels, guilty of being the best brand of paper towels.”


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