Joshua God

’s Warrior Essay, Research Paper

Joshua s personal history prepared him well as a leader for the great conquest. The conquest of Caanan began about 1405 B.C. Joshua s leadership of Israel covered about twenty-five years. Living near the end of Israel s oppression in Egypt, Joshua witnessed God s dreadful ten plague judgments, the first Passover, the miraculous Red Sea crossing, and the supernatural signs and judgments during Israel s wilderness journeys. Joshua served Moses as military leader in many battles of war, and he alone accompanied Moses up to Mt. Sinai when God gave Israel the Ten Commandments. As Moses assistant, Joshua demonstrated an intense devotion and heart for God by often tarrying long in the presence of God. Joshua was a mighty warrior who trusted God with all of his heart and soul. He had an earnest faith and trust in the great God Jehovah. He was a man who treasured the presence of God. Joshua learned much from Moses, his trusted counselor and guide, about the ways of God and the difficulties of leading His people to the promised land. At Kadesh-barnea, Joshua served Moses as one of the twelve spies that scouted the land of Caanan. Along with Caleb, Joshua gave to the people an encouraging report of victory. Under the direction of God, Joshua sent spies into Jericho, crossed the Jordan, fortified a camp at Gilgal, and kept the Passover. Many years before being chosen to replace Moses as Israel s leader, Joshua demonstrated himself to be a man of faith, vision, courage, loyalty, obedience, prayer, and dedication to God and his holy Word. Joshua was God s choice for completing Moses work. His task was to establish Israel as the covenant people in the land of promise. In his roll of leading Israel into the promised land, Joshua was an Old Testament type or foreshadowing of Christ, whose roll was to bring God s people into the promised land and victories over their enemies.

In a closing assembly of the Israelites at Shechem, Joshua delivered to the people his final address just as Moses had done before his death. He reminded them of their own wonderful history, of the many miracles God had done for them, and of the precious promises of God. Joshua highly exhorted them all to be faithful and obedient in the service of the Lord God Almighty. His work being done, Joshua died at the age of one hundred-ten years old. In my opinion, this great military commander died in the highest of honor. After his death, Joshua was buried in his own city of Timmath-serah. This was located in the hill country of Ephraim. Joshua stood as one of the greatest examples in the Old Testament history.

Looking at the background of the life of Joshua, it is recorded that he was the son of Nun, born a slave of Egypt, and was selected as a representative of the tribe of Ephraim. The name Joshua means the Lord saves (or the Lord is salvation ). In the Greek language, this name means Jesus. Moses changed his name from Oshea to Joshua: Jehovah is help. Joshua s name was the key to his life and his work as a soldier for God. Alike in bringing the Israelites into Caanan, in his wars and battles, in the distribution of the land among the tribes, from the miraculous crossing of Jordan and the taking of Jericho, to his last address, Joshua well lived the meaning of his new name, Jehovah is help. To this outward calling, his character also lived up to that name. It was marked by his purpose, direction, and decision. He set goals before him, and never wavered in meeting them. Joshua s experiences teach us as believers that we are not alone in our struggles in our Christian walk. The Bible states that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. Christ has given us the power and strength, just like Joshua, to overcome every obstacle that we are faced with in this life. When the storms of life come against us, we must remember that our utmost faith and trust must be in the God we serve. Joshua was a conqueror and an overcomer! God has given that same power within us as he put within Joshua. It is just up to you and I to put it into action.

Joshua has always been a Biblical character that has stood out with me. I often remember as a small boy in Sunday School the mighty stories of Joshua and the children of Israel. Now as a young man, searching the scriptures of God s Word, I have found even more how the character and lifestyle of Joshua plays an important roll in my life.

Joshua was one of the greatest leaders of his time. I have found that people of all kinds are motivated by great leaders. From great Presidents and military leaders to great anointed men of God, people greatly admire such leaders, and in most cases follow that which they stand for. The very reason that Joshua was such a great and tremendous leader in the army of God was the fact that he was a follower! He followed in the footsteps of his captain Moses, and also in the footsteps of his Lord. We, as born-again Christians can be greatly admired leaders and examples simply by being followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the writings of Paul we find where he tells us to Follow me as I follow Christ. What a testimony these great men of God portray! In order for us to be leaders to a lost and dying world, we must be followers of a risen Savior. Joshua followed God with his whole heart, soul and mind. We must do the same. He was not one to seek his own well being, comfort, or ease. Joshua constantly lived to fulfill the perfect will of God. He never trusted in his on strength and power. Joshua continually leaned on the mighty arm of God. The Bible tells us to cast our cares upon Him, for he careth for us. If we could only learn to put our trust and faith in God. In the midst of difficult situations and trials, Joshua never once doubted the God that he served. He always stood strong in faith, totally believing the promises of God. When he and Caleb came back from spying out the land, they were the only two men with a good report. They had nothing negative to say. They were ready to go forth and conquer the land. Even when the circumstances around them looked like defeat, they spoke of victory. Their faith was in God! Their foundation was on the Rock of Ages! When tests and trials come our way, we should never look at the circumstances. We should just put our faith and trust in the one who can change that situation.

It is evident that Joshua, the mighty warrior of God Jehovah, was ready to risk his very life to carry out the perfect will of God. I have found myself many times as a young Christian wanting to follow my own will. In trials and storms of life, I just simply wanted to do my own thing. Within myself, I knew that I wasn t doing what God had wanted me to do. The end result was that I was always in more trouble, not only with my parents, but with God, than when I first started out. In studying the character of Joshua, I found that his main priority was that he followed in the path of obedience to God. He did according to all that was written in the Book of the Law. Many times Joshua found that his obedience to God brought many difficulties and enemies his way. Sometimes God s way is not popular with the crowd. For a young person, it is sometimes hard to say no to peer pressure. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the ways of the Lord, for they are not like our ways. I have always found this one thing to be true, that if I follow the Lord with my whole heart and soul, He will never lead me astray. I have learned like Joshua, to put my life in God s hands and he will guide me through every storm of life that comes my way. I do know this one thing, Joshua never gave in to his own will, nor to the will of others around him. In great courage and perseverance, he faced each battle of war in the strength and obedience of God. We, as Christian soldiers in God s army should do the same. This obedience wrought Joshua many victories. This same obedience, being performed in our lives, will also bring us many victories. Just as Joshua was that great leader, example, and guide for the Israelites, we can bear that same testimony to other believers as well as the lost.

Joshua was like one of those old knights who slept in their armor. He was always fighting. We are in a continual warfare with the enemy till the end. It is not the person who starts this race, but it is he that finishes that will inherit eternal life. We must be determined to hold out until the end. As soldiers of the cross, we must put on the whole armor of God. We are in a warfare, no days off, no weekends off, and no vacations! While in battle, soldiers never take their armor off. They sleep in it. They eat in it. It is worn all the time. Only a foolish man would go into battle without it. We must gird ourselves like Joshua did. As Christians, we must always be on guard for the enemy, and stay prepared for the battles ahead. Not once did Joshua lay his armor down. He was on the battlefield for the Lord. God wants us to be brave soldiers just like Joshua. We must use our spiritual weapons to endure hardships as a good soldier. God has provided us with everything we need to defeat the enemy. It is up to us to take a stand, then go forth and conquer. God will honor men who honor Him. He is searching for men and women, boys and girls, who will take him at his word, step out in faith, and do great works.

At the end of his life, Joshua called all the people together one final time to lead them in a covenant renewal in which they committed themselves to serve the Lord in faithfulness and loyalty. Joshua knew in his heart that there were some in the assembly who were secretly worshipping idols and other gods. Joshua could not endure double-dealing, so he pushed the people to a decision. He urged them to serve the Lord with sincerity. He gave them a choice between the true God and their idols. To compel the people to make a decision, Joshua declared his own. And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15. Joshua had always been a man of a firm step and a determined mind. He held his testimony boldly. He was strong and of good courage, and the Lord was with him. This was his final exhortation for the people to love the Lord, serve Him only, and remain separated from the world and idols. Each believer must choose whom he or she will serve. As with Joshua and the Israelites, serving the Lord is an individual choice. It is a choice that every human being must make at one time or another. I believe it is the most important decision in a person s life. Just like Joshua, we should be men and women of great faith and courage and choose the path that leads to Heaven. As for me and my house, we are going to serve the Lord!


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