Animal Farm Essay Research Paper 1Author Orwell

Animal Farm Essay, Research Paper

1.Author: Orwell, George

2.Title: Animal Farm

3.Number of Pages: 128


Throughout George Orwell’s Animal Farm there are many fascinating and

important characters. Among them are Mr. Jones, Major, Boxer, Squealer, Snowflake,

Napoleon, Clover, and Benjamin. One of the more important characters of this story

would have to be Boxer. Boxer was a large and powerful horse, but was also aging. He

was not the brightest of the animals on the farm, but was fiercely loyal. Another pivotal

character was Napoleon. Napoleon was a short and fat pig. While intelligent, he was

bitterly vengeful and ruthless as a leader. While no time frame is specified during the

story, it appears to take places in the early half of the 1900s. The majority of the tale

takes place on Manor Farm, a poor country farm, later renamed Animal Farm, and later

renamed Manor Farm once more. The main goal of this story appears to be the

destruction of humanity in the interests of animal rule.

The story begins with a well respected animal, Major, delivering a rousing speech

to his fellow comrades. He tells of a future rebellion with animals taking control of the

planet and abolishing humanity. Soon after this the animals decide to take action, and

one day drive the owner of Manor Farm, Mr. Jones, off of his property and take control

of the farm. Two of the pigs, Snowflake and Napoleon, assume the main leadership roles

and rename the farm Animal Farm. The animals begin to build a fine farm, and even

fight off an attack from Mr. Jones and some other farmers. The animals also initiate a

system of seven commandments for all animals. Unfortunately this good fortune for the

animals came to an abrupt halt when Napoleon had his private squad of attack dogs chase

Snowflake of off Animal Farm. Napoleon then becomes a ruthless dictator. He forces

all animals to work very hard, never working himself. Napoleon is also a poor manager,

as during his reign the farm’s production falls dramatically due to his undertaking of

special projects such as windmills and schools. While in command of the farm, he

proceeds to break more and more of the seven commandments, until one day he

abolishes them and institutes only one, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal

than others”. It is revealed that he abuses his animals far worse than any human, and

gives them drastically less rations. The story ends as the animals are watching some of

the pigs with some humans, and as they look around the room they can no longer tell

which is pig and which is human.

I liked the first human assault on Animal Farm. I found the mental picture of a

small group of humans being overtaken by pigs, geese, sheep, and cows to be very

entertaining. The organization of the assault was also entertaining. To think that animals

could actually conjure up such a plan is amusing. Boxer whipped some butt there too, I

like that because I liked Boxer.

5.Title: This book got its title for an obvious reason. The farm was overtaken by

animals, so they renamed it Animal Farm.

6.Rating: I’ll give it an 8, because it was very short, but was able to hold your interest.


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