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Bust Loose! Holidays Essay, Research Paper

Bust Loose! Holidays is a company known for its one-stop, non-stop adventures and is stated as one of Canada s premiere tour operators and event planners since 1982. This company strives to ensure great times to a well-targeted clientele with exciting activities such as Pub Crawls, Mexico Trips, Ski Trips, and Special Events. Bust Loose! has achieved longevity through great marketing and promotions, a respectful target market, the employees of the company, and most of all, the exciting activities they have to offer. Furthermore, Bust Loose! Holidays is 100% Canadian owned, with their headquarters located in Calgary. Bust Loose! operates in Edmonton and Vancouver and they run pub crawls in other cities such as Regina, Prince George and Winnipeg. This adventure company travels all over the world to bring their clients a fun, exciting new experience.

Known for great packages and deals of thrilling new experiences, Bust Loose! maintains a strong clientele through the use of strategic and tactical marketing techniques. These techniques include such factors: radio ads, print ads, posters, brochures, word-of-mouth, and a well-documented web page. These techniques have served well in insuring their success. Radio ads are short and informative, usually advertising pub crawls and also includes a short speech on their up-coming events. Print ads, posters and brochures are all useful and attractive. Word-of-mouth is very common within the target clientele, which is the 18-35 year olds, because they seem to have a greater network of social ties. Also, the employee word-of-mouth greatly benefits the company as the employees are constantly spreading news of events. In addition, their web page is thorough and it details the different activities including the prices and dates of various events. An example of such and ad would include the time and location of event or trip, the cost, the details of the trip, how to contact Bust Loose!, plus details of up-coming events. Therefore, marketing is one of the main attributes that have helped establish Bust Loose! as a top tour and event coordinator.

As already stated, Bust Loose! Holidays is an adventure company dedicated to the age group of 18-35 year olds. This company has noticed the importance of interactions between individuals of the same age group in different settings. Also, Bust Loose! recognized that the majority of their clients are students, therefore, discounts and deals are directed toward this market. Trips are scheduled on holidays, long-weekends and school breaks to focus on a larger market available to travel. In addition, pub crawls are offered to the main bar/club goers on celebratory days such as St.Patrick s Day. This results in a strongly targeted market of the average income of younger citizens. The 18-35 year old range is interested in having a safe, hassle-free adventure at a reasonable price. Thus, Bust Loose! has devoted themselves to satisfying these needs.

Another critical success factor lies within the employees of Bust Loose! Holidays. These employees organize the various events and trips and are committed to customer satisfaction during these programs. Also, employees are given incentives, such as free trips to the various destinations, to sell their programs. Employees must be out-going, personable people in order to be a part of the Bust Loose! team. To be eligible for advancement within the company, employees must prove themselves by working pub crawls or on a ski or Mexico trip. The interactions between a Bust Loose! representative and their clients initiates a friendlier atmosphere between the clients and staff. Thus resulting in more return clients plus the friends of those clients. Employees aid well in the success of the business as they generate business and work hard in maintaining that business. The Bust Loose! team works hard to make the clients trip a most unforgettable experience with the hope of the client returning for other events or activities.

The activities which Bust Loose! Holidays has to offer covers various areas of social gatherings among the targeted age group. These activities have taken place all over the globe including areas such as the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia and Asia. Bust Loose! has served over 250,000 clients on more than 500 excursions both within Canada and around the world. Pub Crawls, Mexico Trips, Ski Trips and Special Events are all offered within Bust Loose!

Pub Crawls are offered throughout the year on six different occasions. There is the St. Paddy s Day Graffiti Club Crawl on Mar. 17, and the 14th Annual Stampede Pub Crawl on July 7, which is known as the world s largest Pub Crawl having over 5000 participants in the year 2000. Others include the Stampede Windup Pub Crawl on July 14, the 6th Annual Back to School Pub Crawl on Sept.15, Halloween Howler Pub Crawl on Oct 27, and the New Years Eve Gala Tour on Dec.31. All these pub crawls include bus transportation between all venues, specials at each stop, VIP entrance eligibility, no cover charge, and various prizes. Some pub crawls have commemorative t-shirts to give to the participants. Each pub crawl has a bus captain. His or her goals are to improve the participants enjoyment and make sure that the pub crawlers are getting to and from each venue. Certainly, pub crawls have grown in popularity as shown by the over 5000 participants in the Annual Stampede Pub Crawl. As a result of their popularity, pub crawls are being run in cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, Regina, Prince George and Winnipeg. Also, Bust Loose! offers the option of private pub crawls for special events such as birthdays, stags, stagettes, or any other private functions on the Fiesta Express Pub Crawl Bus. Undoubtedly, pub crawls play an important factor in the success of Bust Loose! because they create an opportunity for a younger crowd to participate. If the crowd enjoys the pub crawl, which is evidently happening, then pub crawlers could become repeat clients and may choose to venture on travel expeditions.

Mexico Trips are offered year round and include such trips as May Extravaganza to Mazatlan and Peurto Vallarta, High School Grad Fiesta, which is designed for all high school Grads across Canada, Mexico in August, New Years In Mazatlan, Fiesta February, dedicated to reading week for students in Canada, and March Madness which is the Spring Break for Americans. These packages all consist of numerous activities at no extra cost. Activities consist of, exclusive Bust Loose! Holidays daytime events which include organized beach volleyball tournaments, Fiesta Olympic beach activities, and beer bingo by the pool. Evening activities include theme pub crawls, beach parties, and other optional party package items. These trips allow younger people to meet others of the same age group and to experience a different culture. The success of these trips stems from clients who return home and tell all his or her friends about the amazing time they had while on a Bust Loose! Holiday. Furthermore, various companies within Mexico sponsor many of the trips to their region. Some examples include, Dos Equis Lager who are the new official Mexican Beer sponsor for Bust Loose!, Subway, Senor Frogs Bar & Grill & Clothesline, Javier s Stone Island Tours, Fiesta Mexicana, Bora Bora Bar, and Valentino Disco Club to name a few. In return, these sponsors are guaranteed the use of their facility when a Bust Loose! Holidays trip arrives in a respectable city. This way, Bust Loose! saves itself some money and they in turn offer better packages to their clients.

Ski trips are offered twice a year at New Years to either Penticton, BC featuring APEX Mountain Resort, or Kalispell, Montana featuring Whitefish Resort. These trips include deluxe round-trip motorcoach transportation, 3 or 4 nights hotel accommodation, daily on-hill exclusive activities, evening pub crawls and apr s ski parties, optional lift tickets, morning and mid-morning shuttles to and from the hill, and the services of the Bust Loose! staff. Indeed, the ski trips are great fun for the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the physical activity and the social atmosphere. Also, the ski trips are reasonably priced so a client can fully enjoy their experience. Certainly, skiing and snowboarding are activities that all ages enjoy. Surely, since the majority of the population in Canada has vacation time or statutory holidays during this period and can enjoy the coming of the New Year in a fun and safe atmosphere.

In conclusion, Bust Loose! Holidays has created a well established target market. With the combination of the wide marketing, friendly and helpful employees, and the various adventure packages they have to offer, Bust Loose! Holidays is a successful company. These factors are critical for their success. They all work together to enhance the durability of the business.


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