Report On Animal Farm Essay Research Paper

Report On Animal Farm Essay, Research Paper

Animal Farm By: George Orwell

a report by: Eric Drewes

Animal Farm by George Orwell is the story about the farm of Farmer Jones, and how the animals rebelled and took control. For years, the animals took Jones’ tyranny. This created a resentment for him in the animals for him, and this built up until the animals, led by the pigs, formed an army and drove the farmer from his home. From this start, the animals decided that forever they would all be equal comrades.

There was a hierarchy in the command of the animals. Although all animals were assumed equal, some were undeniably better at some things then others. The horses’ main quality was that they were strong, so they were better fitted for manual labor. The pigs on the other hand, we’re smart, and so they were better suited for leading the others. Although the animals were segregated because of their abilities, they kept up the pretense of equality.

The turning point in the story is when one of the leader’s of the pigs, Napoleon, decided he should be the ruler, and because he was the ruler, he should get special privileges. He drove out all his competitors and peers, and took command of the “Animal Farm”. He led with force, and with violence. He soon began to be just as tyrannical as Farmer Jones was, and without the other pigs to stop his madness.. things only got worse

Napoleon became more humanlike as things went on. Because he needed more rest, so he could “think clearer to better guide the farm”, he started sleeping in the humans bed. Although this was originally forbidden, the other animals did not argue for fear of their lives. When he found how nice it was to sleep in human’s beds, he began to get greedy for the luxuries of humans.

He started drinking alcohol, and smoking. Napoleon even began making deals with the hated humans, saying it would benefit the farm. In the end, he was completely indistinguishable from the humans. He stood on two feet ceased being an animal at all.

The equality and peace that the farm had in the beginning fell apart because of the greed of it’s leaders. In theory, the ideals of equality and comradery was good, and would work, but it doesn’t figure on the lechery of it’s leaders, so it fell apart in practice. Under the pretense of equality, the true form of the animals came out, and the farm would never be the same again.


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