Dealing With Sexual Harassment In The Worrkplace

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Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

As a manager what will you do to curtail Sexual Harassment in your area? What obstacles will you encounter? What are the ramifications for not handling Sexual Harassment correctly?

As a manager, Sexual Harassment is a very serious matter in today

s society with more then 70% of the cases blaming the manager for the sole conduct or creating the environment. Not only that today as a manger I will have to take in consideration that their is not just one kind of Sexual Harassmet. Their is Quid Pro Sexual Harassment, Hostile Environment, Reasonable Victim Standard, Third Party Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based and finally the kicker Non-Sexual Sexual Harassment.

The first thing I would be make sure everyone know the company policy on sexual harassment, and understand all the ramifications of the policy. Making this possible will take talking to employees and especially superviors about what sexual harassment is giving specific examples of all types. Then hitting hard on the fact that sexual harassment will not be tolerated and punishment will be issued to the extreme of company policy and the law.

On top of educating the supervisors on what sexual harassment is, I ll conduct regular meetings on handling situations that may happen and the precautions and immediate action that must be taken. Reminding them that they are the most venerable to be involved in these situation being that they are the superior and it large responsibility to be on their most professional behavior. One of the most important reminders is that they are responcible for the actions by their people and they will be held responsible by the EEOC if a situation does occur and is not handled.

Investigations will be part of the procedures in handling a sexual harassment case. If a complaint occurs it will be taken seriously and handled in swift and immediate action. Treatment of the people involved would be equal and fair on all aspects, everything will be handled with the facts. By doing this will take liability off of the company if the situation happens to carry out outside the company

Ramification of not handling the situation could be disastrous to the company financial and the reputation. Yea, I think it was the Mistibushi (I couldn t tell yea how to spell it) heck I don t if that s the right company it doesn t matter the fact is that it was all over the news and it cost them some pretty pennies. In the U.S. sexual harassment is no laughing matter and cases against companies, are very prevalent that is why our gout. has devised he EEOC to set up guidelines. Without these guidelines I think the extremes would be worse in both ways, with people crying wolf and some people not crying not at all. The fact is that companies big or small can t afford sexual harassment cases agaist them or even in the company.

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