Clinton On Issues Essay Research Paper Clinton

Clinton On Issues Essay, Research Paper

Clinton on IssuesAbortion When I took office I abolished the Gag Rule. I abolished the ban on fetal tissue research. I appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, who s made a career of fighting for the rights of women and believes in the constitutional right to choose. I have gotten the United States back into the effort to control world wide population growth, which is an important human issue, not through abortion, but through basic contraceptives, something the United States had walked away from before — Clinton on reproductive rights. Bill Clinton believes women should have the right to make their own reproductive choices. By reversing the Gag Rule Clinton has provided women who use federally funded clinics to make good decisions about abortion. Clinton signed the Access to Clinics Entrances Act to keep clinics safe. He has increased family planning funding to help stop unintended pregnancies. He supported Medicaid coverage on abortion services for poor women who have been raped. Clinton will fight any legislation that prevents abortion and could endanger women s health. Environment We must ask more ourselves, we must expect more of each other, and we must face our challenges together…Our challenge is to leave our environment safe and clean for the next generation…People do have a right to know that their air and their water are safe. — Clinton on the environment. He wants to protect America s natural beauty, He committed $1.5 billion to preserve the Florida Everglades, reached an agreement protecting Yellowstone National Park from environmental hazards, and he established the Grand Staircase-Escalante National monument to protect red rock canyon. Clinton has been and is still fighting to keep us healthy. He issued new standards to cut toxic pollution by 90% and incinerator emissions by 98%! He started a new policy requiring industries to disclose information about toxic releases to their neighbors. Clinton canceled 75 hazardous pesticides and replaced them with safer ones. Jobs We must meet our economic challenges the way we successfully meet all our challenges – by working together as partners, all of us doing our part. In each of the last three years, American entrepreneurs have started a record number of new small businesses…When we are united America never loses — Clinton on small businesses.

Clinton wants to improve the economic security of small businesses. He wants to make it easier to get government loans so more Americans can be successful small business owners. Clinton encourages small business creation. Clinton has provided tax relief for small business owners during his presidency. He helped in the creation of over 10 million new jobs in under 3 1/2 years. Clinton has an idea that will give $2,600 to unemployed people, with this money they will have the freedom to choose a training program giving them the skills they need. The unemployment rate has dropped by 5.3% under his presidency. Clinton would like to raise the minimum wage. CrimeClinton wants to give $6.7 billion a year by 2002 to help states crack down on crime. This is much more than the Republicans would spend! States can use this money to pay for imprisonment, prosecutions, and for more resources for Federal investigations. Clinton will fund the Violent Crime Reduction Trust Fund (VCRTF), and pay $8.5 million more than the fund asks for bringing the total amount of money invested on the (VCRTF) to $38.7 million. This would pay for 100,000 cops per state, build more prison cells, and finance drug courts which provide cost-effective ways to deal with first time, non-violent drug offenders. He will provide an increase of $1.7 billion by the year 2002 for the Justice Department. This will help provide better border enforcement, stop street crime, stop terrorism. Clinton also would increase funding by $500 million a year for the Federal court system making sure criminals get the proper sentence. EducationClinton plans to invest a lot in education. He believes that education is needed to get good jobs which is why he plans on increasing spending on education by $9.5 billion a year by 2002. Clinton s plan spends $83 billion more than Bob Doles!Clinton wants to get children involved with their communities by offering scholarships to children giving community service. Clinton will increase Head Start funding by $1.5 billion by 2002. He will increase Goals 2000 funding by $867 million. Clinton wants to increase Pell Grant funding so 960,000 more students receive them. He wants to pay for a $2 million Technology Literacy Challenge to make sure every student has the computer skills needed for the future and he wants to make every school online.


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