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Lust It Or Loathe It The Pornographic

Lust It Or Loathe It: The Pornographic Controversy Essay, Research Paper

From smutty words to filthy pictures, everyone?s got an opinion on porn. And deep down inside, everyone likes some form of it. You can disagree till your face turns blue, however the porn industry is a money making lucrative world, and we are the reason why. No matter what you look like, someone out there is turned onto your naked (or clothed) flesh, whether you like it or not. And that?s the beauty of porn. It brings a little smile to a person?s life.Women in the SOB industry, weather they are good at it or not, get paid . In Houston, a strip dancer can make an average way above of $700.00 a week working only 35 hours . If a woman decides to take it a step further and models ?nude?, she can make a larger amount of money in less time. This type of pornography surely doesn?t cause any problems for women. Just profit.The Internet has also helped the SOB industry profit by bringing sexual delight with one click of a button in the privacy of your own home. The Internet further facilitates your fantasies by allowing payment in the old fashion check form, or credit card and automatically deducting from your bank account. Again, this is another fact that proves porn helps bring in money for women and safely. A female does not have to be in contact with a person if she having cyber sex, or selling nude photos.Of course with the jubilation of effortless access in porn industry, there are some wicked habits easily obtained on the Internet. This type of hideousness is child pornography and the hidden camera. Even though in some countries it is perfectly normal for a person under 18 to be married and/or to have children, nothing is more disgusting then using a child?s innocent for means of pleasure. Not as horrifying, though equally disturbing the hidden camera has been a huge success on the web too. If a person wants to be in a porn flick then that person will elect to be in one, and until then it is an outrage that some companies make money off of other peoples bodies without their permission. In these two instances, I agree that pornography is beyond nauseating and uncalled for. Susan Brownmiller, the Founder of Women against Pornography wrote an essay “Let?s Put Pornography Back in the Closet”. She rambles on how “?the feminist objection to pornography is based on our belief that pornography represents hatred of women?. dehumanizes the female body for the purpose of erotic stimulation and pleasure.” From my understanding, porn?s main purpose is to bring some type of stimulation and pleasure, and Susan clearly misunderstands the primary objective of porn. Nor does porn dehumanize the female body. A typical pornographic video consists of oral sex and 3 common positions; missionary, women on top, and doggy style. None of these positions or acts causes harms to a woman?s body.Susan and her long-winded essay, she also stated that the Supreme Court had neglected to define ?hard-core?. This neglect is a smart move on the Supreme Courts side. What may be hard-core to one person may not be to another. She obviously regards all sexual acts on a person is hard-core and her stating the Supreme Courts act in not defining hard-core being faulty shows her to be closed minded and somewhat uneducated.In her essay, Susan even admitted to being embarrassed of her own body when she sees another person naked. Maybe this is the root of her problems with pornography. Susan?s own true insecurities with herself cause her to feel inferior when others create pleasure for the public to enjoy in privacy. Susan brings up the subject of rape many times in her essay blaming porn on the reasons of why women are raped. She thinks porn brands a women as meat and to sum it up, causes a man to uncontrollably have his way with a women by forcing her to have sex. Even though rape is forced sex, it has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with over powering someone else.Her simple solution of “Getting the stuff out of our sight” can be obtained without infringing another adult person?s right to view and admire the sexual satisfactions of pornography. No one is forces a person to go into an adult store and purchase porn. If you don?t like it, don?t buy it. SOB ? Sexually Oriented Business ? Strip bars, modeling studios, pornographic videos, magazines, and books. Anything having to do with sex or the act of.Source ? Susan Brownmiller/Let?s Put Pornography Back in the Closet – Source ? ?Monique? and ?Chloe? 2 dancer friends.