Alcohol On College Campus Essay Research Paper

Alcohol On College Campus. Essay, Research Paper

Should Alcohol Be Allowed on College Campuses?

Alcohol has been a source of both pleasure and destruction since the

beginning of time. It has been commended as a source of relation, pleasure, and

nourishing to the body. Many of us are aware of people on campus whose use of

alcohol, results in behavior that disrupts their relationship with school, family, and

society. Whether it is vandalism, fights, or even driving while drunk, can have an

impact on us all. So, in turn, there should be alcohol policies and practices on

college campuses.

When teens go away to college, this is their first time living away from

home. Parents are not there to watch them, so this increases the range of

opportunity. College students now see a much larger , but freer place. alcohol

abuse is a problem, and there are ways to diminish alcohol abuse on our campus.

On some campuses, you are not allowed to have any alcohol. The Rutgers

University Committee on the Use of Alcohol reported to the University in May

1981, a timely report since the New Jersey Legislature raised the drinking age to

21 in 1982 (Sherwood 50). If you live on a wet campus then you are allowed to

have alcohol in your possession if you are of age. The problem gets out of hand

when students do not know how to control themselves. If the drinking is raised

then drinking may drop temporarily. I am sure there will be ways to get around

them like: false identification cards, drinking in cars and off campus, and trying

to convince older friends to provide alcoholic beverages. The main reason why

drinking laws are being raised is because while drinking people chose to drive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 20 percent of

all fatal highway accidents involve drivers under 21, although this group makes up

less than 10 percent of the total number of licensed drivers (Olson 72). So, college

and university administrators must play a key role in make sure the students are

following these rules. These administrators need to become more knowledgeable

about the hereditary-disease concept of alcoholism. We should not only put the

blame on the college, but the parents should educate there children on this issue.

There are several ways that both parents and administrators can help alcohol abuse

be prevented.

What can we do? An individual skills and strengths, as well a knowledge,

will influence his or her ability to make responsible decisions about the use of

alcohol in different situations. The importance of the drinking environment and

the overall living environment also can help solve this problem. A relaxed setting

can contribute to just sociable drinking, this will minimize the likelihood of

intoxication. On the other hand, a more strident setting can result in the more

intake if drinks, this will lead to a rapid increase in the alcohol in the blood alcohol

level. Parents are legally liable for the behavior of minors in their home and under

their supervision. Another way for parents to convey their attitude about drinking

is by having rap session with their family members. There also could be activities

offered by the college or university. The can hold Alcohol Awareness Campaigns

were they hand out pamphlets and brochures. They could also hold a symposium.

This is where a series of speakers or presentations address a particular topic.

Courses can be offered about how and if alcohol issues are dealt with in various

disciplines on our campus. As in other programs of this type, it is possible to give

people new knowledge without necessarily changing their behavior. There are

several ways to prevent alcoholism on college campuses.

In conclusion, I feel that drinking should be allowed on college campuses. I

also feel that the child should be educated at home first. The should be taught the

difference between social drinking and binge drinking. If the privilege of alcohol

is abused on campus, there should be penalties. The penalties should include: first

and second warnings, but the last something more harsh that will teach a lesson.

There also should be a limit on how much alcohol that is allowed on campus at a

time. I believe if the parents, administrators, and students work together then this

will not be a continuous problem.


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