US HistoryThe War If 1812 Essay Research

US History-The War If 1812 Essay, Research Paper

I believe the war of 1812 was unnecessary one. This war would have in fact never had happen if they had a quicker unit of transportation other than by word of mouth. Britain sent a letter to U.S. concerning the war, but it didn’t make it in time. War fever in the U.S. was erupting in every state, excluding the New England states. The war began with Napoleon calling for a European revolt against Monarchs. This pitted France versus England in a very heated debate. Both these countries saw the U.S. on their team, but as a lesser, smaller country. They both gave us orders to stop trading with the other and the U.S., who proclaimed Neutrality, was in a very hard spot. Thomas Jefferson then passed the Embargo act, which forbided American’s ships to pass over the Atlantic, which did not pass well, it was repealed less than a year later.

Napoleon tricked the U.S. into believing that he was reopening trade by Macon’s Bill No.2, England got very upset by this and stepped up it’s campaign on the Americans. The war started very abruptly and the cause was never really known by the soldiers. Being pressured by the War Hawks, Madison sent a decree of war to Britain. England fended off several American troops in Canada. Once again the British blockaded the American Eastern coast, while the land force launched successful missions. The British came into Washington, torched the White House, and sent the President, Congress, and the army into Virginia. In Baltimore American were started to get frustrated with each other. Republicans torched the printing office of a federalist newspaper. The Federalists’ responded by sending in an army, the result, several dead on each side. Luckily Baltimore was the only city with riots like this. Again, as in the American Revolution, Britain could not capitalize on their chances. The American Army started to fight back with victories, the most significant, Andrew Jackson’s triumph at New Orleans. On Christmas Eve of 1814 the Ghent treaty was signed. The treaty resolved pretty much nothing. It ignored impressment, neutral rights, blockades, and access to Canada fisheries. It simply ended the conflict between Britain and the US.

The U.S. cockiness skyrocketed after the war. A sense of Nationalism swept through the Nation, say that they beat the mother of the seas, twice! The republic was also very secure. After 1815 to 1820 the U.S. left the feeling of a colony to Europe behind them. Britain took their eye of the U.S., which after 1820 left them virtually alone, to Africa and Asia. Although the war of 1812 was one that didn’t need to happen, you can’t change the past. It worked out well for the United States, giving them a very good feeling about themselves. This would lay the ground for the civil war, two sides, North and South, would become enemies, slowly but surely.


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