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Panama Deception Essay Research Paper Panama DeceptionWhat

Panama Deception Essay, Research Paper

Panama Deception

What can I say about the Panama deception that has not already been said it is obvious that this is just another part of US’s great plan to take over the world. I am sick and tired about all the false hope it has given its citizen as well as the rest of the world. Land of opportunity? The opportunity to kill people without being questioned? Or maybe the opportunity to brainwash men in thinking that by killing innocent people, the world is going to live peacefully.

The entire Panama dilemma started out when the United States had a great plan of constructing a canal in Panama that would not only benefit them but also help in controlling whatever was sailed by ships. At that time, beginning of the 1900’s, the United States thought that by helping Panama get its independence from Colombia that then it would automatically give them the right to make the canal there. And that’s exactly what they did, and succeeded in getting started with the Panama Canal.

In 1913, the canal was finished and that’s where the troubles began. Riots broke out because they wanted to hang the Panamanian flag on the canal, or so that’s what I understood.

In 1978, a treaty was signed that stated that the United States no longer had the right to control the Panama Canal. 1981, the president got killed in a plane crash, many suspected that the CIA or Noruega, the commander of the Panama military, was involved in taking the plane down.

Noruega at the time had been working with the CIA since the 60’s. Ever since then, he was edited in drugs traffic allegations but Bush, who was the vice president, not only ignored the fact but also increased his payroll to over one hundred thousand dollars a year.

In Aug 1983, Commander Noruega became president of Panama. As far as the United States government was concerned, Noruega was a great way of keeping Panama under control. For three years, Noruega was the US’s primary contact, he was involved in Operation Pisces.

During all this time no one would hear anything about Noruega in the news but as soon as Noruega stopped collaborating, all over the news there were open allegations about Noruega’s dealing with drugs. While in the news it was said that the United States government wanted to get him out for the good of the Panamanians but in the White House things were different. The President wanted to negotiate with Noruega stating that if he would do as the government would say and that in doing so, all charges would be dropped. Noruega continuously declined the offer.

Finally, on December 19, 1989 the army mobilized the groups for a secret attack on Panama. The information given to the media was that they were going in only to get President Noruega and assured everyone that no one would get hurt. Finally when they got Noruega, some other people succeeded in freeing him. Again, speculations says that it was the US government that freed him so that they could have an excuse of going back in and not trusting the Panamanian army. Again, the media knew nothing about what was really going on so they played the game that the government wanted.

Well, to make a long story short, they went in, killed thousands of innocent people, blew out hundreds of houses, completely destroyed the city and all for nothing. The entire four days that they invaded the country, the only things being showed on the news was how the “American” men were getting killed, or how something bad happened to an “American”, everything else was irrelevant to them.

Even after those four days of brutal killings, the army went on in taking innocent Panamanian to concentration camps and making them watch while they executed more innocent people. Eighteen months later the American army was still there taking control over how the people were living and making sure no one were trying anything. Not only did the soldiers constantly watched the homeless people, but also they would not let any reporter, whether American or Panamanian, go passed to interview or record the people who have gone through the worse.

The media might have not known what was happening then but I think that they chose not to because like cited in the documentary, the government owns many of that news, it owns the media itself. I believe that with all the evidence we have today, one should not trust the media, whether is broadcasting or printed news, as well as always second-guessing the government. Americans need to realize that this country is not fraudless and it does not have the best government in the world, as many seem to think.