Myths And Moundbuilders Essay Research Paper MYTHS

Myths And Moundbuilders Essay, Research Paper


The extraordinary mounds found in the Midwest is home to many myths and stories of the Moundbuilders. The Moundbuilders mysteries reside around the Ohio and Illinois flatlands. Though this group of people have been wiped out for thousands of years now, many archeologists are fascinated with way of life. Their struggle to survive and how their culture functions are unique to no other. That is why many historians and archeologists are so amazed about the myths and stories of the moundbuilders.

There are many stories that describe the way they lived, acted, and eventually wiped out from mankind. The stories began around the 1700 s settlers around the area where the Moundbuilders lived. Many of the first stories that came out explained that they were not savage Indians but a civilized group of people. Even though evidence pointed toward the Indians. Scientists say that the Indians savagely attacked the Moundbuilders.

Located in St. Louis, the most famous mound still stands. This mound stands over 100 feet high. Not only is it the highest mound, but also it is one of the oldest in history. It was home of the second group of moundbuilders. All societal events occurred on this enormous mound.

The way the Moundbuilders survived was mainly based on the way they ate. Fish and fruits were the main source of food. Nuts was also a source of food. A motar and pestal was the equipment, much like Indians, they used the motar and pestal to crush their nuts. Harvesting occurred more than hunting. The Moundbuilders were more a civilized group than a savage group.

The Moundbuilders were not really recognized in American culture. It is mostly historians and scientists that know about this group of people. Their way of life was very civilized in their time. It is amazing how they lived amongst Indians and regular people. Maybe they were wiped out because they were not tough enough to handle brutal action from others. If they were successful in battle maybe they may have been able to survive longer than they did.


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